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Once upon a time, businesses needing a responsive website would need two separate versions. A desktop version optimised for larger screens such as desktop PCs. And another version for mobile devices. And this approach was less common in the past. Because it was much rarer to access websites through a mobile device. Presently however, accessing sites through a mobile device such as a smartphone remains the most popular way to access websites.

Which is why it is essential to make sure your businesses website works well across all platforms. Because so many users now access websites on the go, it is essential to have a mobile site that captures the most number of conversions possible. A fully responsive website ensures that your site adapts to the screen and device your customer is using. As such, effective mobile sites will resize all elements of your site.

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Why is it necessary to use responsive website design for my businesses website?

There are a number of reasons why you should use responsive design for your businesses website. In a survey, 83% of users revealed that it is very important to them to have a seamless experience across all their devices. There are a number of other advantages of using a responsive website for your business such as efficiencies made in time and cost, better social media marketing and potential for higher rankings in mobile search results.

At Chetaru, all of our websites are designed for mobile devices as standard. If you would like to learn more, why not contact us today?

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