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Why do I need a content managed website?

Unquestionably, content management systems reduce the need for a 3rd party to maintain your website. Furthermore, they put the user in control of their site. CMS sites offer them an easy to use interface. Allowing them to easily and efficiently edit and add site content. Specifically, getting rid of the costs for site maintenance.

Undeniably, CMS sites structure information on your site. e.g. blogs, images and pages. Moreover, they also provide the website owner with all of the features they need to update their site.

CMS sites are good for multilingual sites. Significantly, this is because they allow the publishing of content in different languages.

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What are the advantages of content managed websites?

In-expensive. Significantly, developing a content managed website is not usually expensive. Therefore, we are able to offer products that suit a range of different budgets.
Easy to manage. CMS sites require no coding experience to update. Therefore, tasks such as uploading images and editing text are very easily done. Without having to re-code the site. Meaning that unquestionably, you can save money.
Saves time. CMS sites often feature advanced settings. Helping you undeniably save time and effort.
Improves control. Users no longer have to rely on their web developer to make updates. Instead, they can make these changes quickly and easily.
SEO compatible. CMS sites work well with search engines. And undoubtedly, help your site get noticed.
Allows collaboration. Multiple user accounts can be created for CMS websites. Meaning that undeniably, content managed sites are particularly useful for large businesses. Where lots of stakeholders may be involved.

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Why is Chetaru the perfect choice?

Markedly, Chetaru work alongside their clients to learn about their business and its operations. Meanwhile, this allows us to work out which CMS is perfect for them. Furthermore, the main types of CMS sites that Chetaru design are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
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Thinking about a content managed website for your business?

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