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Secrets of a profitable E-commerce website
There are a number of ways in which you can enhance an E-commerce site in order to maximise profits, as well as provide a top-notch customer experience. We have outlined these below:

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Make sure every page has a call to action

Every page on your E-commerce site should have a call to action.  The ecommerce website design is important but if you don’t have attention calls, the chances of success will be minimal. For example, on your homepage, product categories should encourage customers to eventually click through to a certain product, and eventually make a purchase.

The checkout process should be easy for the user, and let the user know via e-mail that their order has been received successfully.

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Make sure that contact information is clearly listed on appropriate pages

Make it easy for customers to contact you so that they can contact you if they have any queries or problems. By not clearly displaying your contact information, it could cost you a sale. Although not as important, FAQs, reviews and comments are highly beneficial. They showcase your excellent service and satisfied customers. This further springs your customers into action through a query or potential purchase.

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Build loyalty amongst your customers

Try and build loyalty with your customers by encouraging them back to your site.

When searching for a particular product, customers normally look through many different sites. However, if a user repeatedly visits your site, and makes purchases, they are more likely to do this in the future. One way in which this can be encouraged is through sending e-mail newsletters to customers.

For out of stock products, it is good to allow customers to leave their e-mail address so they can be informed when the item is back in stock. This improves the level of customer service offered through your site.

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Ecommerce website design: Make the checkout process hassle-free

Make it easy for your customers to complete their purchase by providing an easy to use checkout process.

Make the payment process easy to use, and clearly state any shipping costs before customers begin checkout. If this process is complicated, chances are that your customer might just end up abandoning their cart and leaving your site.

Finally, make sure that encryption or security symbols are clearly displayed on your site. This instils extra trust in your site, making customers more likely to complete their purchase by entering their payment details.

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Reduce downtime

Your E-commerce site can only be profitable if it is on-line and functioning correctly.

Make sure that the company hosting your site is reliable and capable of accommodating future site changes and features. Your plan should allow future expansion. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a cheap hosting plan that cannot accommodate future needs. This has the consequence of unreliability, causing potential issues to your site and possibly loosing money in the process from lost clients.

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How do I configure the back-end of my Ecommerce website to guarantee success?

Search Engine Optimisation
It is important to use on-page SEO techniques such as keywords. This ensures that your site becomes highly visible on search engines.

There are specific SEO for ecommerce techniques such as using meta data and title tags. As part of your SEO, it is important to correctly configure your sitemap.xml file. This lets search engines know about the pages on your site, and ensures relevant pages are crawled.

However, it is important to bulk edit products to manage certain rules. Instead, set specific rules up to manage large categories, and make the process more efficient.