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We are a web design agency with a team of experts that create innovative and effective websites to reflect your brand, improve your conversion rates, and help your business grow.

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Web Design To Generate Leads

Chetaru is a top website design agency that can boost the online presence of any business. With our many years of experience and skills, we build unique, captivating, and user-friendly websites. Our websites are designed in ways that promote SEO to generate leads and guarantee the success of businesses. We are made up of a team of reliable and professional experts in web designing based in Darlington, and we work closely with you to bring your vision to reality in a better form. Our websites are always exclusive and innovative.

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Custom-made designs for any business

Our custom-made web design services make your brand unique and competitive. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand what the websites should comprise and how to go about the design. With our perfect client relation, we will create a checklist that includes initial client interactions, digital footprint audits, fact-finding interviews, keyword research, and wireframe design. Once all data needed has been set in place, we begin the process of designing your custom-made website. We design websites that will promote your brand, generate lead and contribute significantly to the growth of your business.

Our Custom Built Websites

Are unique and captivating.

Chetaru knows that the appearance of a website matters a lot. A website should be able to mirror the brand it’s representing and captivate its users at first glance. Having this in mind, we always design custom-made websites that will attract and create a bond with potential users at first sight. Our websites are compelling, beautiful, and still meets up with your business-standard.

Are designed according to the industry standard

All our designs are built in accordance with the industry standard to ensure that your custom-made website functions correctly and can be easily accessed. Our exclusive designs consist of all the necessary elements, including logo menus. We design a simple but highly functional website that can be easily accessed by your users. Various tools are implemented on every design to provide easily understood and transparent information on your website.

They are responsive, user friendly and perfect

When designing websiteswe always consider the users. Our designs are responsive, user friendly, and flawless. Mobile devices are the most used devices to search for local information or for accessing websites. With this in mind, we design websites that can be easily accessed through mobile devices, desktops, or other devices to create a comfortable and reliable experience for your customers.

Are SEO compliant?

When developing a website, we make it SEO (search engine optimization) compliant. This includes the use of heading tags, image alt tags, and schema tags. SEO is used to promote a brand’s visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads for a website. SEO plays a vital role in websites; the higher your website’s rank on search engines, the more your brand gains popularity.

Are cross-browser compatible?

Ensuring that a website is cross-browser compatible is one of the most important but often overlooked components of a website. We make use of different techniques/methods that enables your website to perform excellently on any browser. There are a variety of websites like; Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others; we ensure that your website is compatible with any browser.

Are Google page speed optimized?

The speed/response rate of a website matters a lot; the website will rank better on Google with google speed optimization. Through the use of effective page speed optimization, all our websites are designed with the ability to function and respond quickly. We use strategies like; minimal use of PNG and GIF image files, delivery of critical JS/CSS inline, and deferring all non-critical JS styles. After the use of these strategies, your website is guaranteed to perform its operations with speed.

Are risk-free and secure?

An unsafe website will turn users off. To gain the trust of your customers /users, your website needs to be safe and secured. Unprotected websites are at risk of being intruded or attacked by malware, viruses, bots, hackers, and other risk agents. We develop well protected and safe websites with different security techniques.

Our Exclusive Design Process

Here in Chetaru, we have a guideline on how we operate. Each of our websites is built in a unique form. We gather the necessary information from our clients and develop new ideas on designing the perfect website, including strategic planning and wire framing. Finally, we create an excellent, user-friendly website that will boost the growth of your business.

Here is a guideline on how we carry out our exclusive design process:

  • web Design Agency in Darlington, UK

    Productive information-seeking interviews

    We arrange a meeting with our clients to give us outlined information on what their business is about, who their targeted audience is, who their competitors are if they have any and other needed information. We also meet up with other stakeholders to fully understand what they require for the website. This process involves only questions that would help us gather useful information.

  • specialized web design agency in UK

    Client Initiation Documentation

    After gathering information according to your requirement and doing other research, including keyword optimization and initial auditing, we document it. This process allows us to design a tailored website from top to bottom through detailed documentation of strategic plans and goals. We present the documentation so that you can have a clear idea of your website before proceeding.

  • Structured Web Design Services

    Web Structuring

    We create an outline in this process, a framework consisting of a strategic sitemap. This process represents the foundation of your new custom-made website; it gives us a clear vision of your website’s structure.

  • Creative web design services In United kingdom


    A wireframe is as essential as a web structure. Like a sitemap, wireframe is also detailed. In this process, our web designers gather all necessary elements and create wireframes, the basic model of the websites. This process is of crucial importance; information is presented in a clear form without overloading. The website is adequately scrutinized and analyzed at the developmental stage to prevent avoidable issues from occurring.

  • User Enagaing Web Design Services

    Content Strategy

    Here in Chetaru, we are the best in content marketing. The content of a website matters a lot; a strategic and effective content guarantees a well-ranked website that generates leads. We combine our content ideas with yours to develop the best content and where it should be placed on your website.

  • Darlington Web Design Agency

    Mock-Up Creation

    Content configurations are created for your website, using the already created wireframe, this allows you to have an idea of what your business would look like, digitally. We design your website following the latest design trends and standards.

  • Web Design services North East UK

    Web Design and Development

    Once you approve the mockup creation we presented to you, we go into the development level. We create perfect handwritten codes and SEO optimization that would allow us to design a custom-made website, created to stand out and captivate its users. We will design a user-friendly website that suits your business taste.

  • Fully Functional Web Design Agency In UK

    Website Testing

    We are all about perfection; the end result of all our websites always comes out perfect. However, quality assurance testing is still carried out on the newly created website. This process is done to ensure that the website comes out flawlessly without any design issue.

  • Web Design Agency In Darlington UK

    Launching of the Website

    Website launching is something we all look forward to. Once you approve your custom-made website, we LAUNCH IT. We provide you with all the information you need to access your website, and we hand it over to you.

  • Cost Effective Web Design Agency North East

    Continuous Support and Maintenance

    We guarantee a continuous relationship with you, our esteemed client. Chetaru will always be available to provide website support and maintenance when needed.

Web Design Services In Darlington, UK

What’s next after you Launch your website?

After you launch your website, you still have to think of other essential aspects, like marketing your brand. We can help your brand get the right exposure; we have a wide range of digital marketing techniques, copywriting, SEO, and social media inclusive. We will help attract your targeted audience to you and give your brand the boost it needs.

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Website Designs that meet the standard of your businesses

We come up with unique, innovative ideas for every website. The level of technology in the world requires every business that aims to succeed and grow to have an online presence. With us, you can get a standard representation of your business online and give your business the boost it needs to excel. When it comes to web design in Darlington, we are the best.

Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design and development

An E-commerce website design is the best option for businesses that sells products and services. It allows you to operate with ease without limitations. A good website will help create a strong bond between you and your customer and provide the right exposure for your business. It will attract the targeted audience to your brand through SEO optimizing. Our experts in website design Darlington can create a variety of online stores for your business; we can achieve this, using CMS such as Magneto, Shopify, and Word Press. If you already have an e-commerce store, we can still help you redesign it and boost your business.

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Magento Web Design

Magneto Web Design

Magneto functions very effectively and can significantly increase in capacity when necessary. Magento is a high-end e-commerce website and the best option for online stores. Our team of experts in Magento web design can build a custom-made online store that meets all your e-commerce requirements, making it easy for you to sell your products and services. We ensure that our Magento websites are SEO optimized and very efficient in generating leads. Magento is one of our most popular websites; we have helped clients achieve great success in their e-commerce business goals.

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Wordpress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress has always been the preferred choice of CMS for most businesses. This is because it is more user-friendly and convenient for all-purpose users, especially for users looking to upload contents quickly. WordPress is mainly used for presenting portfolios and for data-based websites. However, it can also be used for e-commerce websites. Our expert team can build both simple and complex WordPress websites. We can either launch your business online or move to WordPress, whichever way is preferable, our sole aim is to meet up with the standards of your business.

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Bespoke Web Design North East

Custom-made Web Design

Are all the services listed above not suitable for your business type? If your answer is yes, we have just the one for you. Our custom-made web design service will suit you perfectly. If your preferences are specific, this is the best option for you. We find out from you what your business is about, who your competitors are if you have a particular requirement, and any other useful information we need to know. After passing through the necessary process, we create your efficient, user-friendly, custom-made website that will surpass every competition and guarantee the success of your business. We make use of different technologies like Laravel, Angularis, and Nodeis in this process.

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