Bespoke Websites

We believe anything is possible at Chetaru; our clients should believe that too! We like to push clients to think outside the box and move away from aiming at what is the industry norm and move towards pushing beyond to create something that not only stands out but also represents a ground breaking experience for users.

Remember, Websites are your shop window to the world and should be as unique as they are well built. The modern world does not tolerate stock websites which run slowly and neither should you.

At Chetaru we work with you to make sure you get the best results out of your website whilst also being as cost effective as possible.

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Responsive Website Design

Nowadays it should be expected that your developers are fully skilled at ensuring your site is optimised across all platforms, this means mobile, tablet and desktop. Our production teams are constantly learning as technology constantly develops, this way we make sure our clients websites are as up to date as possible and always perform amazingly no matter what device their websites are being viewed on.

Web Hosting

We understand that most clients are not savvy with web hosting and the requirements to maintain a website online, and let’s not even mention the servers running in the background. We take all that burden of server and website maintenance and management and act on behalf of our clients to ensure minimal downtime and maximum performance

Web Development

We build websites in whatever language is preferred by our clients, however our team deal with most commonly node.js, angular.js, wordpress, magento, drupal, prestashop, codeigniter and Laravel PHP

eCommerce Websites

An eCommerce solution is a great way to affordably take your store online. By being online you open yourself to a wider audience with over 3.7 billion users of the internet worldwide. Couple this with the fact that online sales contributed $22trillion of global retail sales which amounts to almost 10% of total retail activity, it is clear there is a very large market available online.
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Content Managment System

We work with our clients to understand exactly what their goals are and what interactivity they need with their websites. It is not always clients who want to be updating websites with the content and we understand that too. In the case where a client wants to manually control the content of their site, we look at what their requirements are to fully understand what CMS is to be used, making sure we have considered effectiveness with regards to meeting SEO prerequisites as well as the users.