iPhone App

iPhones historically have held around 20% of the mobile market. iPhone users can be the most rewarding demographic to access and at Chetaru we have a team dedicated to getting iOS apps live and in the marketplace in the shortest time and most cost effective way possible.

Android App

99.6% of the mobile market runs on either iOS or Android systems, with just shy of 20% on iPhones that means approximately 80% of mobiles run off Android systems. Our dedicated Android team will be able to assess your needs and create apps which not only meet your requirements but also impress your desired audience. All our work is delivered making sure costs are kept to a minimum and expectations are surpassed.

iPad App

Developing apps specifically for iPads may not always be needed, however for some industries such as the NHS in the UK it is an absolute requirement. At Chetaru we have the expertise to ensure iPad apps are optimal and run with maximum user experience