SEO Content
Social Media Activity can boost awareness and increase search engine rankings, leading to increased sales. Our SEO Content packages are aimed at maximising social media activity and its benefits whilst providing solutions for active for show as well as high growth plans.

SEO Website
For any website to gain traction there has to be onsite activity. Our SEO website is focussed on all the unseen work which clients don’t immediately appreciate until web rankings show signs of improvement. This package should be the foundation of any SEO activity.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy
Maximising exposure in the right way and gaining the most out of social media is a very specialist area and something, if not done well can negatively affect your brand and image. At Chetaru we have consultants who will spend time with you to plan what is needed and the best way to proceed. The plans are all tailored to our clients and will potentially encompass a combination of activities to ensure exposure and productivity of social media activity is maximised, whilst ensuring costs are appropriate for the client.

Social Media Management
Managing Social Media accounts is a laborious activity and almost a full time job if being executed to grow the business. Chetaru can manage social media accounts full on behalf of clients, we have created off the shelf products in SEO Content, however if clients are looking for something different, this can always be looked at.

Social Media Distribution
Creating unique content is something that clients like to do themselves, which is never a bad thing, we can offer a distribution only service minimising non value adding work from the clients, as let’s face it remembering all the passwords and working out when to post stuff across the various platforms is an exercise in itself.

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Copy Writing

Making sure content on websites or on social media hits the right tone and voice is essential to creating something incredible, and of course having an incredible effect on the audience. We have a dedicated copywriting team who are ready to write fresh unique content and look forward to projects of any size.

Blog Writing
We have a dedicated Blog Writing team who are able to write regular entries as well as one off’s

Blog Distribution
Our distribution team can make sure exposure of blogs is maximised and the value of the blog is realised.

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Attributing value added to any business activity is essential, if it doesn’t add value, why do it? Our analytics reports make it easy to see value added and progress. Analytics reports are issued on a monthly basis. All our analytics are built around our clients and their goals to ensure information is relevant, clear and concise. Analytics builds an awareness within our clients of what audiences are being engaged and how better to tailor activity to either attract new audiences or increase engagement of the current audience.

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Some of the Pay per click campaigns entered by clients prior to discussions with us have been costly and ineffective. The campaigns are littered with non related search terms to their business, hoping to spread a wide net and capture everything and anything, it is definitely true of PPC that being as visible as possible is not always cost effective and/or even beneficial. Each click costs you money so being specific as to what terms will create your advert is the most important activity, as well as reviewing performance.

PPC advertising can be very effective and we have the right expertise to ensure your results are maximised, whilst also ensuring money is not being thrown away.

Advertising Banners
Linking up with reference websites within your specified activity is a good thing to do and we can facilitate that and make sure benefits are monitored and evaluated.

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