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The selling of products and services online can be highly successful. Only if executed well however. Some e-commerce businesses have been in business for many years.

Ecommerce Seo Services Darlington
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Whereas others are only just starting out. Regardless, e-commerce can have the potential to generate a healthy income.

Nevertheless, the competition between e-commerce businesses can be fierce. Thankfully, there are a number of e-commerce SEO techniques that exist. That can help bring in more traffic. And help increase conversions.

What are the other advantages of SEO for e-commerce?

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How can SEO of an e-commerce site be improved?

Technical audit. Our team will work out how easily pages on your site can be indexed by Google. We then identify issues and fix them. With the aim to make your site more findable. Which is achieved through indexing and ranking.

Design review. Traditionally, shops would use techniques such as window dressing and visual merchandising. Which could potentially increase sales. The team at Chetaru use various techniques such as high level design, security implementation and UX. To create the best possible experience for your ‘online shoppers’.

Optimisation of products. Our team will review your product copy. Making sure use of keywords is optimised. And call to actions are used to help customers convert. As well as enhance search rankings.

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We also use tools such as schema markup and data highlighting. Further representing your products better to search engines.

Optimisation of category pages. Category pages are a vital element of your E-Commerce website. They group all similar products together. And make them easier to find. Category pages also play an important role in SEO. Helping improve rankings for specific products.

Conversion rate optimisation. It is important to drive new traffic to your website. Which can encourage better sales. However, it is still important to look at your existing traffic. As such, we can look at sales behaviour of your customers. For example, by identifying points when customers drop out. Or instances where upselling can be encouraged. We can also use tools such as Google Experiments. To do split testing on various parts of your site. Working out the best solution for your customers.