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Chetaru offer SEO services that aim to draw more traffic to your site. Furthermore, we achieve this through effective use of keywords. However, there are many other factors we use too.

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The first stage in our process is to complete an SEO audit. This researches which keywords your competitors are using. Allowing us to put together a plan. Helping to set your site up for success.

We offer onsite optimisation which is highly user focused. And moreover, we achieve this through technical optimisation. Allowing your site to appear further up in search engines. All of our content is written with SEO best practice in mind. Yet remains highly readable for the user. On a monthly basis, we will analyse site traffic. In order to see if there are any opportunities to expand audience reach. Or furthermore, ways in which users can help to find your site.

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Experienced SEO in Darlington

At Chetaru, we use a five step process. In order to implement the perfect strategy.

Discovery. We learn about your business, current website and competitors. Subsequently, this provides us with useful information that can be further used at each stage.

Brief. We further define client information and business goals. Plus all other necessary information.
Keyword research. We select appropriate keywords. And similarly, base these on your goals and project brief. And any other opportunities identified in our audit.
Competitor analysis. We work out who your competitors are. Based on our detailed research. Henceforth, this allows the identification of both opportunities and risks.
SEO audit: We review analytics, onsite and offsite factors. Allowing us to create a baseline. Which can then be reviewed against current performance.
User experience review. We look through your site. Then make recommendations to navigation and UX as required.

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Strategy. We learn more about your business. As well as your site and competitors. Consequently, this is then used to create documentation used later on.

  • On-site strategy. We create an action plan. Which will
    propose changes to website code. And content to
    optimise it for search engines.
  • Off-site strategy. We research potential influencers or
    partners. Which can be used further for link building
    and PR. However, this must comply with project
    timelines and approach.
  • Planning measurement. We create a combination of
    short and long term goals. So that undeniably,
    campaign p erformance can be consistently evaluated.
  • Content strategy. We develop a range of content. Which
    furthermore, can be distributed over different platforms
    Over a specified period.
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On-site optimisation

Implementation of content. Text on the website is altered. To accommodate the keywords previously included in the research document.
Implementation of technical aspects. We make changes to the code of your site. Unquestionably, helping it to become more visible. This includes changes to meta descriptions. And canonical tags/internal links.

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Content marketing

  • Creation of content. We create regular content based on existing strategy.
  • Public relations. We send articles about the clients business to a range of sources. e.g. newspapers and industry players. So that awareness of content is increased. And undeniably, the number of backlinks to your site increases.
  • Social media. Ensures that awareness of your brand reaches your target audience. With the potential that users can further share the content.
  • Influencer outreach. Write articles and contact other companies. Allowing the publishing of content to other sites. Then consequently backlinked to your site.
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Analysis & Reporting

  • Present results of monthly reporting. We work out the goals we are hoping to achieve. Along with client information required. And information needed to complete the discovery process.
  • Quarterly review. We review the campaign. And make any necessary adjustments. Based on results to date.
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Why Use Our SEO services?

We never use black hat techniques. IT is true that this technique can work short term. However it can really affect important rankings long term.

We always keep up to date with the latest SEO techniques. We constantly provide staff training and professional development. Making sure campaigns are always successful.

We use techniques. Resulting in both short and long term success. We place the user at the heart of everything we do. Which is why unquestionably, we put usability first and foremost. By developing content and site structure that is logical.