Local SEO Services

Experts in building local business profiles on Google, we use proven and powerful SEO techniques to promote your local presence online. With our services you’ll boost your local organic visibility as well as reach new customers through custom tactics that make complete sense for your business and digital marketing goals.

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Local SEO Services

Around 6% of all searches on Google are intended for local businesses, and some may be related to your own that is operating locally. Local SEO services are crucial in helping you to attract more local customers organically through online searches. At Chetaru, we offer customised services for your local SEO needs. We consider your business goals, audience, and requirements before getting started.

Our SEO experts have in-depth knowledge of all local SEO techniques and the latest trends too. They are able to effectively promote your local business online, improving its visibility so that your local customers can easily locate you on Google. We ensure a unique and customised local SEO strategy for your business that will guarantee higher rankings in local search results. Whether your business is operating at a single location. serving a local community. or has several locations across the country, our proven strategies will help you to attract your maximum customer potential.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is an effective technique for local businesses looking to increase their online visibility, establish an online presence, reach more customers, and earn revenue. Designed to improve your business listing amongst online search results, local SEO is crucial as part of digital marketing. By implementing proper local SEO tactics, you’ll benefit from being seen as a leader when potential customers search for your products or services. With local SEO services from Chetaru your business will reach the top of search engine rankings leading to more local customer interest.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Google recognises when a user requires search results from their immediate area, and as a result its search algorithm includes proximity. Google will filter results based on proximity even when a user doesn’t include geographical information. With a recent growth in mobile internet access, local SEO has grown and is important for any business that wants to succeed. Local businesses can appear in both local searches and main search results at the same time. Website content plays a significant factor in how your website will rank locally, and you should ensure that yours is optimised with a local SEO service.

Why You Need Local SEO Services

As mentioned, local SEO is crucially important for any business, and here’s why. As mentioned around 70% of people who search online seek local products and services including the ones that your business provides. You should be ensuring that your business lands at the top of customer’s local search results, however, without an effective local SEO strategy, this will be near impossible. With the help of Chetaru, we can get your business to where it needs to be in search engine results, so that you don’t miss out on customer potential. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or any other type of local business, local SEO services will bring about the rewarding results you want to see. Our customised local SEO services offer you a wide range of business benefits, here are just some examples:

  • A higher ranking in search results to help get your business noticed
  • Increased and qualified traffic with increased customer potential
  • A strong online presence in your local niche market
  • Increased customer base and sales revenue
  • More potential customers reaching out to you for your services and products

Are you interested in benefiting from local SEO services for your business? Contact our team today to kick start your campaign.

Chetaru’s Leading Local SEO Services

We’re a dedicated team of SEO experts with years of experience in developing local SEO strategies for all types of businesses. Here’s what you can expect when choosing us for your local SEO project:

Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation

Unless you have a perfect business profile, it can be extremely difficult for your business to organically appear in search engine results. It’s important to set up a GMB profile containing all the information that users want to see when searching a keyword related to your business. By doing this, your business information will be visible with an easily accessible GMB profile. This will provide a greater chance of customers visiting your storefront in the long-term.

When we create your GMB profile, we fill out all the essential information and go a step further. Your GMB profile will contain any desired multimedia elements inclusive of photos and videos, your address, categories, and other information you wish. We ensure that your business listings are perfectly optimised so you never miss out on an opportunity and are visible on Google maps to your local customers.

Local Business Citation

A local citation refers to a piece of information that search engines use to confirm your business’ relevance in a local search. Together with your Google My Business listing, local citations also play a crucial part in local SEO. We create any citations needed including essential information such as your company name, phone number, website, and address. The local SEO team at Chetaru can also help you to create, update, and audit your local business citations to better target potential customers in the local area.
The more often that Google sees your business information including basics such as your name and address, the more it trusts your legitimacy and location. Therefore, we make sure your citations are consistently updated and attract more qualified traffic to your website often.

Local Keyword Research

Targeting local keywords is one of the most important tasks when running a local SEO campaign. We place emphasis on researching the keywords that are important to your local business and used by your potential customers most often. This ensures that when they search for services and products, your business is visible at the top of search engine results.

To research and use the right keywords, we use the latest tools and techniques including Google Search, Moz, Ahrefs, and Google Trends. We also focus on the keywords that your competitors are using, so you can beat local business competition. Keyword researching and targeting plays an integral part of our local SEO services.

On-Page SEO for Your Website

On-page and off-page are two sub-categories of SEO and both are important when creating a local SEO strategy. As with other strategies, on-page search engine optimisation plays a crucial role in increasing your local business visibility across search engines. Your website must be optimised in a way so that it best represents your local profile, contains your address, references to local areas, and lists services that you provide.

We include on-page optimization in our local SEO, for the best results, Our SEO team performs several effective on-page tactics to achieve the highest ranks for your local search results. All of our on-page activities for local businesses include keyword optimisation, creating engaging, relevant content, regular content updates, optimising page titles, and more for an effective overall local SEO strategy.

Local Optimisation On Other Local Business Websites

For any business to succeed, being visible online is at the top of priorities. This requires you to promote and list your local business on different online channels including social media. The team at Chetaru performs local optimisation for your business across various platforms such as Yelp, CitySearch, Apple Maps, Bing Local, and Facebook. By implementing local optimisation on all the relevant online platforms, we ensure the highest visibility possible online for your local business. Our SEO team also researches niche directories according to your industry and submits your local business information to further increase visibility.

Local Link Building

Getting backlinks from recognised local businesses can also help you to boost your online presence and search rankings. Link building is another essential part of our SEO services and it is an area of local SEO that we specialise in. We develop and implement effective link building strategies that help you generate a strong backlink profile for your local business.

To get valuable backlinks we create useful and engaging content that targets your local keywords. We then focus on both the number and quality of backlinks to your website so that search engines accept them for the best search engine results.

We Create Content With A Local Focus

As part of our expert local SEO service we also plan and write content for your business with a local focus. Content that carries a local focus can have a major impact on your local SEO efforts, bringing your business higher in search engine results. At Chetaru, we have an in-house content and copywriting team that are able to balance quality writing with intent behind local user queries. With custom local content, your website will be trusted by Google and will provide your users with the information they need to choose your services and products.

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Ways Local SEO Services Will Benefit Your Business

Local SEO is highly targeted and timely

Many users who search online for a local service or product do not have a specific business in mind. With local SEO, you can ensure that your business is better positioned in search rankings and you effectively promote what you have to offer. This means that you’ll have higher chances of being chosen by a potential customer.

Local directory search has a high conversion rate

Amongst all local advertising channels, local directory marketing offers the highest conversion rate. Directories including Yelp and Citysquare for example take the highest positions in local search results. By getting your business listed, you can benefit from up to 1 in 2 leads.

Local SEO covers mobile users

Many users who search online for a local service or product do not have a specific business in mind. With local SEO, you can ensure that your business is better positioned in search rankings and you effectively promote what you have to offer. This means that you’ll have higher chances of being chosen by a potential customer.

FAQs About Our Local SEO Services

What types of local businesses do you work with?

We provide local SEO services to just about all businesses including tradesmen, restaurants, retailers, and any other business that want to build an online presence to boost their sales. You can contact us for further information as to how we will be able to help your local business.

How much will local SEO services cost me?

The cost may vary depending on your particular business requirements, strategies needed, and many other factors. You can send us your local SEO requirements with business details, and we will get back to you with an exact quote and further information.

How long should you wait for the results of local SEO?

The results of local SEO strategies may vary depending on the type of business you operate, your potential customers, the market competition, the amount of listings used and other factors too You may either see outcomes within the first week or may need to wait for a month or two to see the best results. All SEO services form an ongoing process, with results increasing over time.

Do local SEO services guarantee return on investment?

Local SEO services will give return on investment making this online marketing technique highly cost-effective. There are several ways in which you’ll be able to track your local SEO efforts to see results. Our team will guide you along the way and provide all of the important information you expect.

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