The Pros and Cons of WooCommerce

By Admin | 22 Jun 2020

WooCommerce is an eCommerce program that allow businesses to add shops to their websites with a range of potential features as well as advantages and disadvantages, so what are the pros and cons of this program?

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform which provides their users a free and highly customisable software package through which they can sell their products. Some of the plugin’s distinct advantages are that it is open-source, which means that there’s a wealth of useful modifications available for free, produced by users like you.

As stated before, the software can be completely customised for any possible needs, allowing the business to customize the user interface to allow them to match their brand designs and functionality, while also allowing the business to handle unlimited orders and users as well as include an unrestricted amount of their products so they can provide their customers with exactly what the business has to provide them.

Another significant advantage of using WooCommerce is that it has several additional features and add-ons that can vastly improve the service or performance that can be provided for additional costs, examples of these features include WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons. This add-on to the free program allows it to highlight relevant products to the consumer and other offers, such as free shipping and other sales on products. My second example is the PayPal add-on which allows the store to have a single payment solution with credit and debit cards.

When it comes to disadvantages of using WooCommerce, there are three distinct disadvantages that might make the program unappealing for users and businesses. The first issue is that in order to get the most out of the products, the business or individual needs to have a great understanding of both WordPress and WooCommerce and even still might require the professional help provided by the program’s additional services to be able to get their site into a working or professional order for their customers.

Another disadvantage is that WooCommerce isn’t a complete solution for eCommerce needs as it is a plugin specifically for WordPress and thus cannot be utilised in any sites that don’t use WordPress for content management, this means that if a business wanted to use WooCommerce they would need to completely rebuild their website so that they could utilise this software.

The final issue that WooCommerce has in terms of being used for a business eCommerce needs it that while the base program is free to use, the extended add-ons can be costly for small businesses, but even though these are costly, they can vastly increase their functionality and performance streamlining the site and shop.

Choosing WooCommerce is largely dependent on whether you’re comfortable with using WordPress. Being fully integrated makes life easier for everyone, but WooCommerce without WordPress is like bread without butter.

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