Euler Hermes

  • PHP
  • Angular JS
  • Laravel Framework

The Brief

After discovering Chetaru online, Euler Hermes asked for a quote on developing a questionnaire for their marketing team to understand their clients better. Designed to be quick and functional, the questionnaire gives the user information about their chosen field after choosing several multiple-choice answers.

Client: Euler Hermes

Category: PHP, Angular JS, Laravel Framework

Year: 2017

What We Did

A quick turnaround was necessary, so Chetaru rolled out the questionnaire not long after the project was started. Developed in Angular JS, Laravel framework, HTML and CSS, the questionnaire is designed to help Euler Hermes and their clients understand each other better. By choosing some multiple-choice questions and personal information, the questionnaire can generate a useful comparison list that gives them excellent insight into how their company is doing versus similar firms.


  • Multiple languages, representing most of South East and East Asia
  • Information benefits both the client and the company
  • Invaluable comparisons between firms generated by the questionnaire

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