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At Chetaru, we specialize in creating custom PPC campaigns that make a difference for your company. Our experts will help you target the right keywords, generate leads and sales, and improve your ROI

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At Chetaru, we offer a comprehensive suite of Pay Per Click management services to help you achieve your business goals. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in crafting effective ad strategies that can maximize ROI and drive conversions.

Our services include keyword research, competitor analysis, ad creation, budget management, and optimization of campaigns. We also provide detailed reporting so you can have a clear view of the performance of your campaigns.

The end result is a custom PPC campaign that helps bring about high-quality traffic, increased conversions, and a substantial growth in revenue.

We never use a one size fits all approach, rather we take the time to understand your unique business and needs before developing a custom strategy. This way, we ensure that your goals are met as you expect. We have a profound understanding of ad strategies which help us deliver result-oriented PPC management strategies to businesses of all sizes

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Chetaru’s PPC Management Services

With years of experience and a genuine passion for marketing, our Pay Per Click management team have the expert skills needed for a successful PPC campaign for your business. Here’s what we offer as part of our Pay Per Click management service:

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Team of PPC management experts

We’re a team of experienced PPC experts providing PPC services. By hiring a team of experienced PPC experts, you can rest assured that your campaigns are in good hands. Our team at Chetaru has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Pay Per Click management, from keyword targeting to conversion optimization. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your campaigns are meeting your goals.

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Accurate ROI reporting

When you invest in PPC, you’ll need to know which elements are working and which aren’t. We understand this clearly and for this reason we strive to provide consistent reports of your PPC campaign. You’ll always have a clear idea of how your PPC campaign is performing and the changes we’re making to bring about the results you wish to achieve. Our team will communicate with you often and along every step of the way with all the details.

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Competitor and industry analysis

It’s essential to be able to analyze the market competition to make the most out of any PPC campaign. We emphasize analyzing competitors in our Pay Per Click management services to build effective PPC campaigns that bring the best results.

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Customized PPC campaigns

We create and run PPC campaigns that are customized to your business goals. From the get go, our PPC team will get to know your business and design a campaign that includes all the elements that your target audience are most interested in. This guarantees the best possible results for your campaign and ensures that your marketing goals are met.

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Proactive campaign management

It’s essential to be able to analyse market competition in order to make the most out of any PPC campaign. We place emphasis on analysing competitors in order to build effective PPC campaigns that bring the best results.

How Pay Per Click Campaigns Work

For those that have never considered a PPC campaign before as part of your online marketing strategy, you may be wondering exactly how it works.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are a type of online advertising in which businesses bid on keywords in order to have their ads appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user clicks on one of these ads, the business pays the advertising platform a small fee. In order to be successful, businesses must carefully choose the right keywords, set their bids, and create compelling ads.

The underlying concept, and what makes this form of marketing so compelling, is that you’ll only pay based on the intended interaction you set being met by users, including views, clicks, and impressions.

PPC belongs to a large category and is used across various platforms. Most types of PPC campaigns are usually performed over social media advertising or Google ads. Here’s how both differ:

Google ads PPC Campaigns

With a PPC campaign designed for Google ads, you pay Google the amount you wish to advertise your website’s ads. This will bring your ad to the top of organic search listings as per your targeted keyword. Whenever a user then clicks on your ad, you will pay the agreed cost per click (CPC) using your budget. When you have used all the funds in your budget, Google no longer runs your ad. You can then choose to add to your funds to continue the campaign if your business marketing goals haven’t been met.

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Social Media PPC Campaigns

Though Google ads certainly have a wider reach which spans around 98% of the web, choosing paid social ads can bring about rewarding results too. The most popular platform for social media PPC campaigns is Facebook which has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. One of the big benefits of Facebook campaigns is that because the company owns Instagram too, your ads will work transfer flawlessly to the platform at the same time. For those that are operating in B2B industries, LinkedIn can be a strategic platform to use.

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We ensure you get the most out of your PPC campaign

PPC is relatively easy to implement, however, without the help of an expert team the campaign is likely to not succeed. The PPC team at Chetaru ensures that all your goals are met by setting up and managing your PPC campaign effectively. Here’s the process we follow to attract more customers and create more conversions for boosted sales:

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Create goals for your PPC campaign

We help you to establish a clear sense of your business marketing goals so that we can design and implement a custom PPC campaign. We look at the audience you are targeting and the outcome you wish to achieve. The team at Chetaru asks you all the necessary questions to ensure that your campaign has clear, strategic goals in place from the outset.

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Use a clear and effective campaign structure

Our team uses a relevant and simple campaign structure for all clients to bring about a clear message for users to drive conversions. We ensure that you get the most out of your targeting for the best results when it comes to audience responses. All of our campaign structures are fully manageable and intuitive making your campaign more effective and less complex.

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We track success and provide reports

You will have full transparency over the success of your PPC campaign and will be aware of the factors that play a part in its success. This helps us to align your expectations and results while making adjustments where needed along the way. We look at several different factors including keywords and ad relevance, budgets, landing pages, and more.


What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site rather than earning them organically through SEO or other types of marketing. PPC can effectively drive traffic to your site, particularly if you’re selling products or services that people are likely to search for online.

PPC campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics, making them a highly effective way to reach your target audience. Additionally, you can track the performance of your PPC campaign in real time, allowing you to make adjustments as needed. For these reasons, PPC has become a popular way to advertise online, and it can be an effective tool in any digital marketing strategy.

What type of results can I see from a PPC campaign?

The most important KPI metrics we consider are website traffic and conversions. You can see the results in terms of increased traffic and conversion over time, and of course this provides more revenue.

How much will a PPC management service cost me?

The cost of a PPC service for your business will vary according to the type of campaign that you need, the complexity, and other aspects. We can offer you a fixed price quote once we know all of your requirements and goals.

How long does it take to see the PPC results?

PPC delivers results fast unlike some other marketing strategies. Though the time may depend on what type of results you expect, your industry type, the market competition, and other factors.

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