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We’re a team of experienced Magento ecommerce developers trusted by leading brands. Our talented team can design and build a unique ecommerce website that grows your sales and improves customer retention.

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Magento Ecommerce

Development For Online Sales Success

Our expert development team uses in-depth knowledge of the latest Magento ecommerce development standards to fulfil unique business ecommerce needs. By identifying and understanding your business requirements we build you a customised Magento ecommerce store that is guaranteed to bring about measurable results. We take care of every step including designing a bespoke Magneto theme, selecting the appropriate extension, integrating third party business tools, and conducting online promotions. The end result is a powerful Magento ecommerce store that functions flawlessly and looks impressive.

How Magento Will Benefit Your Business

Magento is a popular open source platform used to build customised ecommerce websites for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a startup and need a new website from scratch or you want to migrate your current ecommerce store to the platform, we’re here to help. Here’s how Magento can benefit you by taking your business to the next level:

With a Magento ecommerce website designed by the team at Chetaru, everything is easily organised in the back-end. This ultimately means less hassle and more convenience when uploading content such as products. A few simple clicks, and your website can be customised exactly as you wish inline with your business needs.

Magento offers users a wide range of fantastic extensions that serve many practical purposes. They can be used to increase your website’s functionality as your business grows and evolves. You won’t have to worry about changing up your website design as your business needs shift, rather, the range of extensions can be implemented for continued flawless functionality.

For any ecommerce business to succeed, third party business tools need to be integrated as part of the website. Such tools include inventory management software, automated invoicing, Google Analytics, shipment tracking, and others. Thanks to Magneto, you can easily incorporate any third party software and tools you need for seamless business operations.

Magneto allows you to attract and retain mobile device shoppers with ease. With our Magento ecommerce website development services, we’ll design you a unique business website that is highly responsive and compatible with all mobile devices. This means that your business sales won’t be restricted thanks to a website that offers a convenient shopping experience to all users.

Magento stands out from other open-source platforms as it allows you to support multiple stores in multiple languages. Other adaptable features include different currencies, allowing you to easily reach global customers to build a global brand.

Magento comes with a range of high-quality built-in SEO capabilities allowing you to increase your brand’s visibility. The features will see your website climb search engine rankings to success and improve overall traffic and conversion rates for your online store.

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Magento Offers Responsive Design

Magento ecommerce websites are highly responsive meaning that you’ll benefit from the following:

Making your business website quickly accessible via mobile phone is crucial. Today, around 2 billion people access the web using these devices on a daily basis. With Magento, responsive design is guaranteed ensuring that you can reach all users as your website will automatically adjust to the screen size being used.

Responsive design allows you to automatically manage content via a single site rather than having a mobile and desktop version. This also means that you can manage on the go, with responsive design available on mobile too.

There are millions of amazing websites out there, and yours needs to be able to compete. Magento ensures that your website looks impressive and performs across all devices, increasing the likeness of users visiting. By meeting customers expectations with a contemporary and responsive ecommerce website, you can be sure to be recognised and trusted.

While building a responsive Magento ecommerce website may seem more expensive, you’ll actually benefit from not needing to build two websites. You’ll only need one version rather than have a desktop and mobile version developed. This can be highly advantageous and save time in the long-term too.

When turning to SEO, one factor that greatly affects your website’s ranking position is how often the content is seen and shared across social media. Google favours responsive Magento websites as they are easier to interact with allowing users to conveniently share links to link to the content you’ve published.

If you ensure a seamless mobile device experience for your users, the more likely you are to see higher conversion rates in the long-term. If customers have a good mobile user experience, they will be more inclined to make repeat purchases. By offering your customers a flawless desktop and mobile device experience, this will help to reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase sales.

FAQs About Magento Ecommerce Website Development

How long will it take to create my Magento Ecommerce website?

As with all of our services, the time it takes to complete your Magento ecommerce website will depend on its functionality and complexity. Once we have a clear understanding of your project needs, we will be able to set a deadline with you and will deliver the project on time.

Will my Magento website be responsive?

Yes, as mentioned above Magento is highly responsive. This comes with a wide range of benefits whether you’re designing a website from scratch or choosing a migration service with Chetaru. Your ecommerce website will look impressive and perform seamlessly across all devices and browsers.

How much will it cost to build my Magento Ecommerce website?

The cost of your Magento ecommerce website will depend on several factors including the number of pages to be included, features, functionality, and more. You can fill in our form for an initial quote, however, we will be able to provide an accurate quote once we have all the required information and details from you.

Will I get a custom Magento Ecommerce website?

We design custom Magento ecommerce websites for a range of businesses, both large and small, spanning several industries. Our development team are experts in designing and developing unique websites that best reflect your brand while supporting business operations.

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