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At Chetaru we develop custom ios mobile apps that increase your audience and demonstrate how your brand stands out. Our complete end-to-end iOS development service will see your brand build stronger mobile relationships with your customers and target audience.

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We are iPhone app development experts

As technology develops so does the quality of apps found in the Apple app store for iOS users. Today, there are almost 2 million apps available on the Apple store, with businesses recognising the huge potential an app can bring. Our team has the required in-depth knowledge and impressive experience with iOS/iPhone technologies, meaning we are capable of building apps with an impact. The experienced iOS team at Chetaru can build an app that meets all your needs, ensuring it looks great and is engaging for your target audience. No matter the complexity of your app idea, we have the tools to bring it to life.

We have been assisting startups, organisations and ambitious individuals to transform their ideas into the best apps with success. The apps that we build have been proven to bring about results inclusive of ROI. Through using a clear development process that includes the latest development techniques, our team is able to seamlessly produce a final product that delivers. We also integrate your business tools/software into your app to make processes convenient and efficient for you.

How can an iOS app for my business be beneficial?

Many businesses take advantage of the range of business benefits that come with having an iOS app available for customers to use. Helping to expand your potential customer base and bring about great customer satisfaction for existing customers, apps can quite literally transform the way in which your business is recognised, for the better. Here are some examples of benefits you can expect:

iOS App for Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

Apps are more accessible than websites, meaning that users can use them at any time they wish, wherever they are. Through an iOS app, you can build direct and valuable relationships with your customers to gain their loyalty. They’ll appreciate being able to browse your selection of services and products with ease while loyalty systems can further add o their experience allowing you to reward your customers.

iOS App for Enhanced accessibility

Enhanced accessibility

iOS apps can be easily accessed so long as the user has phone charge. An app will allow your customers to access your services and products whenever they wish with no restrictions. In short, it can function as a direct link between you and your customers.

iOS App for Human

More human

While websites are great for providing information, apps can have a more human touch. Your iOS app can feature an online chat service and use language that your customers relate to. This will help to strengthen your brand and results in happier customers all round.

iOS App Database

Build a database

Apps generally use a signing up process meaning that you can benefit immensely by gathering information about your customers or potential customers. Through gathering information, you’ll gain better insights into how to target customers through ds and so on.

Experience across different industry areas

We’re a step ahead of other iOS app developers thanks to our vast experience across different industries. With years of experience, we’ve developed a significant number of quality iOS apps for many different businesses.

The industries that we have worked with and continue to work with today include healthcare, education, finance, banking, entertainment, food, and others. This exposure means you can have complete confidence in our skills and knowledge, as we’re capable of building iOS apps for any industry requirements.

iOS App Development Company

What we include in our iOS app development services

With Chetaru, you’ll receive a full iOS app development service from start to finish. We don’t leave any gaps and meet all your needs and more through careful planning, designing, and implementation. The end result is an innovative app that represents your business and is guaranteed to engage your audience and customers.

Custom iOS app development

Custom iOS app development

As with all our other services, we recognise that every business differs. Therefore, we deliver a bespoke service to build an app for your business requirements. Giving you a competitive edge, our industry-specific iPhone apps will help you stand out and gain ROI. No matter the complexity of your app development project, we will work closely with you to create a bespoke app.

Native iOS app development

Native iOS app development

Native apps offer an unparalleled user experience, safety, security, and many other benefits. Because they are built for a specific platform they allow users to take full advantage of a range of features and bring the app experience to the next level. To gain the best results with your app choose a native development solution with Chetaru.

iOS UI/UX design

iOS UI/UX design

User interface and experience matter most when it comes to iOS apps. To fully impress and engage iOS users with your app, a well-designed user interface needs to be priority. Our talented design team creates intuitive, innovative, and user-friendly interfaces that foster app success.

iOS app testing

iOS app testing

Before we deliver your iOS app, we ensure that there are no errors across its development, design, and functionality. Our QA team carries out rigorous testing on your iOS app to make it flawless from end-to-end.

iOS app consultation

iOS app consultation

When you decide to build an iOS app for your business or to start a new business centered around an app, costs may be a concern. With our app consultation service we present a fully transparent solution to solve any doubts and answer questions. We offer a full iOS app consultation service that is in place to help you to make the right decisions for your new app.

iOS web-based apps

iOS web-based apps

If you’re seeking a faster and cost-effective iOS app development solution, a web app will be best for you. Chetaru develops responsive and engaging iOS web apps as per your specific needs to bring about the best results.

Our Technology Stack For iOS App Development

We use a range of different types of technology to build innovative iOS apps that offer the best
user experience to your customers.

Objective C

Objective C is one of the most essential programming languages used by iOS developers. It is object-oriented and based on the C language.

Objective C has a lot of object-oriented capabilities that make it suitable for developing applications for OS X and iOS.

the most essential programming languages used by iOS developers


As its name suggests, Swift is a fast programming language used for building iOS applications for devices including iPads, watches, iPhones, and so on.

It’s both safe and interactive and is based on source code that can be used by the general public.

fast programming language used for building iOS applications

Why You Should Choose Chetaru’s iPhone Development Services

As one of the UK’s leading app development companies, Chetaru has the experience and skills to design an innovative iOS app for your business. Our clients trust us to deliver only the best because that’s what we do. Here’s how we can help you with your iOS development needs:

We’re a highly trusted iOS app developer

We’re a highly trusted iOS app developer

Thanks to our years of experience,a skilled and dedicated team, and our human approach, Chetaru is known for its reliability and quality. We will develop an iPhone app for your customers that meets all their needs and effectively promotes your brand, its services, and products.

Quality Focused iOS App

Quality is our core focus

No matter what project we’re working on, quality is our priority. Our team will rigorously test your new iOS app the right way through the development journey, ensuring that any bugs are quickly discovered and resolved. You can rely on us to deliver a final product of the best quality.

Highly experienced iOS Development Team

We’re a highly experienced team

Our in-house team of iOS developers has the experience needed to create any type of app. Having worked across different iOS applications, their experience and proficiency mean that we meet any client expectations and always guarantee excellent results.

Cost Reduction for your Business

Exceptional apps that you can afford

Unlike some app developers, we won’t charge a fortune. Instead, we carefully assess your project to give a quote based on a number of factors. In addition to this, we provide warranties with all of our products for complete peace of mind for our clients.

iOS App to add Value

We add value to your app

At Chetaru, we put 100% into every task. This means that we won’t simply deliver a product that meets only your basic needs. Instead, we strive to go above and beyond when it comes to developing your iOS application. One way we achieve this is by placing emphasis on features to add value to your app.

Constant Communication while iOS App Development

Constant communication from us

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the final product meets your requirements from the outset. As part of this, we also take all client feedback onboard so that we can make changes where necessary and continue to grow and evolve alongside our clients.


How much will it cost to build my iOS app?

The cost to build an iOS app with Chetaru will vary according to the functionality, features, complexity, and other factors. If you want an initial brief on the iOS app development cost, simply fill out our form with your requirements and we’ll be in touch with further details about cost.

How long will it take to create my iOS App?

The time to build an iOS app depends on the functionality, level of complexity, and many other factors. We understand that you may need the app within a required timeframe and as such, we work to meet all of our client deadlines.

Will you give me the exact quote for iOS app development?

Yes, we will. After we have a clear understanding of your app requirements we will inform you of the fixed-price for building an iOS app with our talented team at Chetaru.

Will you offer me the source code of my new iOS app?

After the project is completed and payment has been cleared, we will hand over the source code to you with proper copyrights. You will be the owner of your new iOS app code.

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