How to do a Hard Refresh in Any Browser

A hard refresh is a method of forcing the browser to load the most recent version of a page by deleting the cache for that page. Caching means that when updates are made to the website, they don’t always take effect right away. A hard refresh will usually solve the problem, though it may be necessary to entirely erase the cache on rare occasions.

Important: Refreshing your browser by clicking the “Refresh” arrow in the URL bar does not constitute a hard refresh. Here’s how to erase your cache in any browser by performing a hard refresh:

Google Chrome

how to do hard refresh in chrome
  • Hold down Ctrl and then press F5 on your keyboard if you’re using Windows.
  • Hold down Cmd and Shift and then press R on your keyboard if you’re a Mac user.


Hard Refresh in firefox
  • Hold down Ctrl and then press F5 on your keyboard if you’re using Windows.
  • Hold down ? cmd and ? shift if you’re a Mac user. Press R on your keyboard while holding down Shift.

Safari (Mac)

Hard Refresh in safari
  • Go to Safari > Empty Cache or press Opt + Cmd + E.
  • To refresh, use Cmd + R or click the refresh button in the address bar.

Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge (Windows)

  • Press F5 on your keyboard while holding down Ctrl.
hard refresh in internet explorer

Before you attempt anything, be sure the problem isn’t with your browser’s cache. You can try loading the website in a private browsing window. You can also use a proxy server to see if the website looks different than it does in your browser.

The simplest solution to fix a website’s difficulties is to clear the cache in your browser. It’s important to understand that a hard refresh is similar to a standard refresh, with the exception that you’re just resetting the stored data for a single page.

So, whenever you notice your website’s performance is slower than usual, remember to do a Hard Refresh.

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