Social Media Strategy

Getting some social media traction and figuring out your social media strategy are two topics that are treated as though they’re different, but they really aren’t. While it may only take one post to start an internet sensation, it requires a clear goal, researching your target audience, establishing the metrics that define your goal, learning more about your competitor and keeping your content consistent to get that perfect post.

Outsource Social Media Management

Needless to say, all this research and planning can take a very long time to fully implement into your own social media posts. When you do implement your strategy, can you post at the right times to capitalise on it? Can you respond quickly after hours? It can be a real challenge to get these campaigns working without a dedicated social media team.

This is where Chetaru comes in. Our social media staff can work to whatever strategy you think of: whether it’s hyper-focused on selling a particular service or product, to general awareness campaigns, or trying to go viral with one special tweet aimed at a particular demographic, you can expect our team to produce reliable and impressive results.

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