Twitter Paid Ads

Twitter’s main asset over its competitors is its focus on brevity. 280 characters is barely enough for a sentence or two, so you need to keep your message clear and concise. This seems like a clear disadvantage, but it means that people tend to skim through Twitter quickly. Its audience, mainly composed of millennials means that there’s a lot of opportunity for industries like fashion, consumer products and hospitality to thrive.

The majority of users fall between 18 and 29 years old, and 45% have a qualification from higher education, meaning that you need to appeal to this demographic as much as possible to gain traction. The most successful brand-related Twitter accounts are a lot less formal than on facebook or LinkedIn, so you may need to switch gears if you want to succeed.

Twitter Paid Advertising

As a mature social media outlet, the advertising options offered by Twitter are pretty similar to Facebook’s. Unlike Facebook, however, Twitter users spend a lot of time searching the site for news and information. This allows Twitter to offer keyword targeting options very similar to those of paid search engine ads.

Since the number one reason that people use Twitter is to “discover something new and interesting”, information businesses like news sites and blogs can thrive here. However, keeping it short and sweet can be a challenge. Chetaru works a lot with Twitter and its paid ads system, so we can guide you on the best use of the service to get the best engagement possible.

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