Instagram Paid Ads

Instagram is a very different beast to older social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Only 6 years old, Instagram has carved out a niche in the social media landscape: Instagram has a young audience, and a focus on visual media over text. While Instagram’s audience is smaller than Facebook, it’s still one of the larger social media networks with over a billion users, and engagement is stronger too: the focus of visuals ensures that content is quick and snappy.

Instagram Advertising Campaign

Engagement is one of the strongest aspects of Instagram, with 80% of Instagram users following brands, 75% of those viewing branded posts take action and users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases than other mobile users!

Since Instagram is one of Facebook’s many offshoots, Instagram’s paid ads use the same back end (Facebook Ads Manager), which means those familiar with Facebook’s system will find Instagram easy to manage. However, making a good ad for a primarily visual medium can be difficult. Chetaru can help your company tap into this nascent medium with our own visual media skills.

Paid Instagram Marketing