Facebook Paid Ads

While organic social media posts have the potential to go viral and reach hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of people, it’s as much to do with chance as quality: some people just aren’t tuned in to see your posts. Most people will only see your posts if they’ve liked your company, and out of those people, only about 1% will interact with your posts. So, how can you send your posts out to a general audience and gain the tracton you need?

Facebook Paid Ads Chetaru

Facebook Ads is a service that allows you to do just that. As the largest social media site in the world, with over 1.3 billion active users, there’s a massive amount of potential customers and clients who simply haven’t found you. Facebook’s audience is vast, with representation from various age groups and nationalities, and users typically spent 20 minutes or more a day on it, giving you plenty of time to reach them with a targeted ad.

When you use a Facebook Ad to reach this audience, you can drive massive engagement, but you need to produce a good ad to get people’s attention. At Chetaru, we can help plan your Facebook Ad, make it eye-catching and enticing, and manage it while keeping the expenses of paid ads to a minimum.

Facebook Advertising