Social Media Paid Ads

While a user stumbling onto your content organically is slowly becoming a less reliable way of getting attention on social media, paid ads on various social media sites have started to fill the niche left behind by a less crowded social media site. Paid ads need to be quick and concise, not just because of the cost of running them, but also because most users won’t hang around to read a promoted ad that’s particularly long or technical.

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It’s all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys and get people to your site to make a purchase. Paid social media strategies help with exactly that, but it can be difficult to figure out if your paid ads are giving you a good return on investment, whether you’re targeting the right groups with the ad, or if it’s hitting the right tone and style that’s consistent with your company.

Paid ads can vary a great deal between social media sites; Facebook paid ads tend to use more traditional advertising copy, while sites focused on brevity like Twitter and Instagram are short, snappy or use videos to get their point across. Regardless of what site you’re keen on using, our social media team can help you draft and implement paid ads so you can reach that client base that wouldn’t have ever seen you otherwise.

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