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What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit aims to analyse everything relating to search visibility on your site. A web audit will demonstrate why your site is not generating traffic or why your sales and conversions are not getting better.

Why should I be cautious to use an automated SEO tool?

There are many automated tools out there that claim to evaluate all aspects of your sites SEO. However, important SEO details are typically lacking. Lacking important details regarding SEO. Some agencies offer free tools promising to check the state of your sites SEO. You should avoid such offers. They often just scratch the surfaces regarding issues. And are typically marketing gimmicks to connect customers with the agency.

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Why should I invest in an SEO audit?

Chetaru have many years experience in dealing with SEO. During this time, we have experienced significant changes in how search engines work. And determine how sites ranks and appear in results. In the past SEO techniques were more simple. It was possible to improve ranking by making changes to things such as titles, content and header tags. Along with some backlinks. Unfortunately, it is now not this easy. Now, search engines use hundreds of factors to determine the ranking of your site.

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What can you expect from an SEO audit from Chetaru?

Conducting an in-depth audit of SEO is not a quick process. On average, it can take up to three whole days for an averaged size business website.

At Chetaru, we complete an in-depth SEO audit. Which cannot usually be done using free SEO tools. We discover all of the issues with your current sites SEO and offer solutions as to how to correct this. A spreadsheet can then be provided, outlining all the data collected.

Website Audit Services

Specifically, what will an SEO audit include?

Technical audit. We make sure that on your site, only well rouded and efficient code is used.

On-site audit. We make sure that effective use is made of keywords throughout your site. Specifically, for things like headings, title tags and content.

Off-site audit. We check backlinks and anchor text to make sure enough quality backlinks are directing to your site.

Social audit. Review mentions and current visibility.

Local SEO audit. Making sure your site is optimised for local SEO and listings is essential for local businesses. Including the correct setup of citations.

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Would you like to increase traffic, sales and conversions on your site?

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