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What is an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy aims to look at everything on your site which relates to search visibility. By doing an audit to your site, certain things can be worked out. Such as why your site is not getting enough traffic. Or why online sales are not improving.

Why should I ask an international design agency to complete my SEO strategy?

You may be aware that there are many free tools available which make promises to evaluate your SEO. However, such tools are often not very thorough and miss essential details. As such, be aware of free downloads of SEO analysis tools offered by unreputable agencies. Often, they are used as a marketing gimmick which identify some SEO issues. Then signpost gullible users to sign up further to SEO services.

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Similarly, conducting an in depth SEO audit of your website is no quick process. Often taking up to three days to complete for an average sized business website. So why spend your valuable time doing this when you can leave it to the highly experienced SEO technicians at Chetaru? We do an in depth analysis of your website and put all of our data into a highly organised spreadsheet. Providing immediate actionable insight for our customers.

Chetaru have been involved in SEO since the early days. As such, we have witnessed the changes that have occured with regards to how search engines work. And the factors that determine how sites rank and appear in search results. In the early days, optimising a page well for SEO involved simple tactics such as changing title tags, content and header tags. In the present day however, there are hundreds of factors that determine your sites ranking.

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How can Chetaru implement an SEO strategy for my business?

At Chetaru, we understand that some companies already possess the technical expertise in house to implement their own SEO. However, they may lack the time and direction to audit their existing site and produce a strategy.

As such, Chetaru are able to work with businesses, analysing their SEO needs, and developing an in depth SEO plan which can then be implemented in their own business.

Our team use a number of techniques to develop a highly bespoke SEO strategy for your business. Such as:

  • Recommending keywords to use and focus on
  • Suggesting necessary technical updates required on your website
  • Highlighting relevant content changes
  • Outlining link building opportunities
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Is traffic to your site poor? Perhaps you are not achieving the sales through your website as expected?

The team at Chetaru can help you turn this situation around. Contact us today to see how we could help you.

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