Email Campaigns

Every good email marketing campaign has some strategy to it. This isn’t just a matter of slipping past the filters; it’s also about sending the right email, at the right time, to the right person, and maintaining a level of quality. We’ve all seen a suspicious-looking email, or a legitimate email that we didn’t open simply because it looked fishy. We’ve all gotten annoyed at companies that send emails to you without your consent, or even got your name wrong. This kind of carelessness can sink an email campaign before it’s really started.

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Good email campaigns give something useful or informative to the recipient, rather than chasing them down to shake another coin out of them. Making it an opt-in system, so your one-time customers don’t have to receive your emails while frequent shoppers can, can be a boon to customer retention.

Email marketing is inseparable from its strategy, its tactics and its goal. Boosting customer engagement, re-engaging old customers, welcoming newcomers, encouraging conversions and segmenting all of these customers so they only get the emails they need, can be difficult if you’ve never tried running a campaign like this. Thankfully, Chetaru has you covered; We use email campaigns ourselves and can provide our expertise when planning and implementing email campaigns.

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