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We’ve all used email services before, and we’ve all been receiving emails for years. Email marketing uses its ubiquity to its advantage, as it’s able to target demographics that may not use social media. It’s also one of the more effective marketing strategies per cost of implementation, with only Pay-Per-Click ranking higher.

However, email marketing is an exact science, and it needs to be done right in order to stand out from a sea of other companies trying to get a foot in someone’s inbox. Email marketing requires a great deal of knowledge about how email clients and their users work: things like getting past spam filters (both the email client and ISP filters), sending the right emails to the right group of customers (or potential customers), hitting the right notes to entice users swamped in emails to read yours, and so on.

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Email marketing can take a lifetime to learn in order to get it right, and a lot of people don’t have the experience or the time to learn these specifics. The staff at Chetaru have long understood how powerful and cost-effective an email campaign can be, and we can help your company compete with other firms who have also figured out the best way to use it.

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