Profile Biographies

Every company that you’ve worked with, or in, understands how important it is to make their employees visible, and many do this with a ‘Meet the Team’ page on their website. However, while your staff can provide an interesting career biography, sometimes it takes an extra touch from a seasoned copywriter to really make it shine. Getting your team’s profile biographies right is important if you want to make your company look credible to potential customers.

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In any industry where your staff are as valuable as your company brand, a good profile biography will use a number of stylistic choices: a nice photo of the team members, a list of hobbies and career achievements are essentials, but some websites go further. These websites can link employee social media accounts, feature animations and video and generally make an effort to really stand out.

Why do companies do this? For the customer, seeing the real faces of a company online builds trust, something that is very lacking in a very impersonal internet filled with hucksters and scammers. Chetaru’s dedicated copywriting team can give your team members a powerful profile biography that can highlight their greatest achievements, their personalities and their dedication to their company’s stated goals.

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