Product Descriptions

While some may argue that a product can sell itself, selling products online removes some of those positive first impressions that you get when you’re in front of the product. The way around this is providing product descriptions, but we’ve all seen product descriptions on Amazon or Ebay that are misleading, incomprehensible or just don’t adequately describe the product.

What consumers like to know about a product can vary, but nearly every customer has a question that a good product description should answer: weight and dimensions are essential, and the descriptions need to be catered for the products you’re selling too: Tech products, for example, should tell the potential buyer what features it has (Battery life, operating system etc.)

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Getting your product descriptions right is extremely important in the Age of Amazon and other online retailers, but it can be hard to provide different, distinct descriptions for every product you sell. Chetaru has provided product descriptions for many companies over the years, and we know how to strike the balance between getting a good SEO ranking and readability, and can provide product descriptions for your company too.

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