General Web Content

For many customers, your website is the first thing they’ll find that belongs to your company. However, a lot of them will click off almost immediately if they notice something amiss – broken links, images that fail to load, poorly-written text that isn’t aligned properly with other site elements, and so on. Something that a lot of website owners struggle with early on is providing enough content for their website, particularly if there’s a lack of focus on what you want to sell.

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There’s also the issue of SEO. A lot of websites seem to think ‘more is better’ and awkwardly cram keywords into text, without realising how this can harm their SEO rank. Word count is also a big factor: different people read at different rates and have their own limits to reading, but for web content, precise and concise is the order of the day.

Images can also be an issue, due to the labyrinthine process of finding relevant copyright-free images that’ll fit your brand, as well as striking a balance between image size and page load speed. What you need is a mix of savvy web designers and copywriters, something that Chetaru can provide at a competitive price.

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