Website Content

Web Content

Your businesses website is arguably the biggest marketing asset within your company. Regardless of what your business does, your website is the ‘shop front’ of your company, helping to promote it in the best possible way. Your businesses website is arguably, the ‘go to’ source for essential information regarding your business. For example, information about:

  • Your business and what it does
  • Your businesses history
  • Services offered by your business
  • Key people within your business
  • Contact methods
  • Products and services
Web Content

Some business owners do not have a website, and as a result, are missing out on a large proportion of the market. Customers frequently use search engines to discover businesses and services local to them. Customers that don’t have an active web presence are completely missing out on such opportunities.

Similarly, some business owners consider their website an afterthought, which can be a foolish decision. Websites that are in-accessible, poorly designed and badly written are off putting to potential customers and ultimately cost company owners valuable business.

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Many business owners do not consider the importance of their websites content, favouring other aspects of the site such as design and imagery. Although these aspects are important, the content is a large part of what sells your business. Badly written, un-persuasive and overly lengthy content is unlikely to retain your users interest, regardless of how experienced you are, how many industry awards you have won or the valuable skills you possess.

Most users favour well written, concise and focussed content that clearly describes your business and the products and services it provides. At Chetaru, we have a team of experienced and skilled content writers who are well placed to paint your business in the best possible light. We achieve this by really getting to know you and your business, and the services it offers. We are able to audit your existing websites content, informing you about what works, and what doesn’t. We utilise our research and turn potentially un-inspiring, drab content into exciting, income generating copy.

Contact the content team at Chetaru today and see how we can help you engage your customers and potentially generate more business.

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