Like case studies, testimonials are an effective way to promote the goods and services of a business. By asking a customer to complete a testimonial of the goods and services of your business, it further endorses your business. Testimonials demonstrate that your customers trust you and you can deliver results.

At Chetaru, we utilise several techniques to help build an effective testimonial:

Use of photos:

Using photos within a testimonial helps build trust and increases belief in a product from a customers perspective. Specifically, it has been shown that using faces in testimonials increases empathy felt towards others.

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Use of stories:

Use of generic stories that are used over many websites are no longer an effective testimonial type as they are in-effective and un-original. Your customers want to see persuasive copy that briefly explains a problem and outlines a detailed solution.

Use of data:

Use of data adds value to a testimonial as it indicates you have deeper knowledge about the services you offer. We gather data about your products and services, helping back up impressive statements about your company.

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Use of personas:

Customers are often more receptive to testimonials that feature customer personas, language or opinions similar to their own. This is because people are normally drawn to others who reflect them. We attempt to understand your customers, and build these personas into your testimonials.

Use of endorsements:

By using well known, trustworthy brands within testimonials, your brand becomes better endorsed. Furthermore, customers can become more confident in your brand through past knowledge and experience of familiar brands.

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