Press Releases

One of the best ways to get some traction in your field, especially if you’re a fresh, new, innovative start up, is getting a press release published. There’s always a news site, blog or industry-specific media publisher that’s willing to snap up a good press release, particularly if it has its finger on the pulse of whatever trend is popular at the moment. What makes writing and publishing press releases difficult is both creating something interesting for the target audience, and getting the attention of press outlets when they’re being swamped by press releases.

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Good press releases requires the writer to be attuned to what people want to read, as well as some journalistic skills: finding a human interest angle to a topic you want to talk about can attract the attention of mainstream outlets better than a dry press release about a new product, which would be better suited to industry magazines or specialist publications.

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However, the key to writing a superb press release, one that’ll get chosen over a sea of competitors, is knowing how to write press releases. Chetaru’s team of content writers can produce a press release with your input that’ll grab the attention of both niche audiences and mainstream publications.

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