Content Strategy

Do you already have a content marketing strategy in place but aren’t sure what you want to achieve? Such an approach means that you cannot measure the result. This is where Chetaru can help. Chetaru looks at what your current content achieves, assesses how it aligns with your business plan and builds a content marketing strategy which can really help to build your business. We achieve this using the following steps:

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We establish what your business hopes to achieve.

Here, you need to decide what content will help achieve for your business. Popular choices include boosting awareness, increasing leads or improving loyalty.

We offer suggestions for how your business can measure its success.

You will need to make a decision on how to measure your marketing. Specifically, you may find it beneficial to track some metrics using certain tools as Google Analytics.

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We help you discover who your audience is.

Here, it is useful to develop some personas to understand your target user. Personas provide a framework in which to build content tailored to your target audience.

We help discover what content your audience is looking for.

It is important to tailor your content to your customers needs. The more your content does this, the more fulfilled your customers feel and the more ‘value added’ your service becomes.

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We help you execute your content.

It is important to understand how and where your customers access content. Subsequently, it is also important to map out a plan of the frequency and type of content that will be published.

We help you get your content out there.

You may have started creating engaging, informative content for your customers. However, unfortunately this isn’t enough. To effectively reach your audience, you need to boost it to another level. An effective way that this can be achieved is through social media (which subsequently is a service that Chetaru would be happy to help with)

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