Blogs & Articles

For businesses that want to share their expertise, build credibility and showcase their products and services, a blog is the ideal solution. Like social media, it helps customers engage with your brand more and helps your website rank higher.

There are a number of benefits to starting a blog for your business:


Blogs create new ways of discussion:

Blogs allow businesses to communicate with customers in new ways. Blogs signal to potential customers your openness to feedback and suggestions. Moreover, this information can be used to further refine your business.

Blogs ensure your content remains fresh:

Search engines like to see new content regularly. Additionally, more content means potentially better page rankings.

SEO Blogs and Articles

Blogs increase traffic from search engines:

As you begin adding more content to your site, search engines have more opportunities to index more of your domains pages. Resultingly, this may increase the number of visitors to your site as organic search visibility increases.

Blogs help personalise your brand:

Blogs give you an opportunity to promote the human side of your business by writing about topics or issues that may affect your customers. Additionally, they allow you to share issues that you care about. This approach conveys to customers that you care and go beyond your business responsibilities.

Blogs go hand in hand with your social media:

Social media is only as effective at promoting your brand as the content you feed into it. Original, business specific content is more likely to satisfy your customer more than another generic post on Facebook. Furthermore, original content gives you the opportunity to backlink to your website, improving SEO and providing direct promotion to your services.

Blogs help add authority to your business:

Blogs allow you to convey your industry knowledge to your customers. Furthermore, such knowledge adds trust and integrity to your brand. Ultimately, this trust may lead to sales as customers are more likely to use services of a skilled and experienced business.

Blogs help enhance conversion rates:

It is important that businesses who have a blog maintain it regularly. Blogs that don’t achieve regular updates can make a business appear neglected or perhaps no longer in business. Separately, conversion rates may be increased by blogging through increased brand loyalty.

Blogs help increase inbound links:

By using authoritative, informative and cutting edge content, bloggers, writer and journalists are likely to link it in their own content. This improves SEO for your businesses site as it refers traffic back to your site.

Blogs help improve rankings for long-tail search queries:

The more content you have on your blog, the better organic rankings you are likely to receive. This is because people may begin to use long tail keywords and phrases to target key aspects of the business. Although these are less common, ultimately they convert well.

Blogs help create more leads:

Ultimately, the more blog posts you create, the more opportunities become available for customers to convert. These could be in the form of e-mail submissions or telephone calls.