Digital Marketing

Why is digital marketing important?
As a business, you are likely to sell many products and services. However, it is necessary to make use of digital marketing techniques. Allowing you to gain as much exposure as possible to your audience.

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Social Media Marketing

How are Chetaru different to the rest?

At Chetaru, we combine copywriting, SEO and social media. The result is a supercharged and powerful digital marketing product. Which has the added advantage of being 100% organic. Which has a positive impact on your marketing strategy. And is also probably more affordable than you think!

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Paid campaigns

In addition, we also offer paid campaigns. Are you keen to really see results from your campaign? We are able to offer a service made up of 80:20 organic:paid. However, this depends on the type of competition you are dealing with. If your competition is significant, a fairly large investment would be required for a paid campaign. In order to fully maximise returns

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DM600: Chetaru’s own organic digital marketing package

At Chetaru, we offer our own organic growth digital marketing package. And we call this ‘DM600’. Clients that have used this package previously have been impressed with the long term results delivered. For example, seeing results within three months of implementation. And furthermore, the audience has a stronger base to build from. With no accompanying paid campaign alongside this. We believe that DM600 is one of the most effective organic direct marketing packages we offer.

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Why is DM600 worth the investment?

At Chetaru, our ethos is to ‘get digital to where it needs to be’. And regardless of the size of your business, we aim to make this product accessible. Whilst delivering international standard results. So although £600 a month sounds expensive, it can have significant returns