Case Study You Charter

About YouCharter

YouCharter is a superyacht charter broker that crafts perfect bespoke superyacht experiences for its extremely wealthy clients.

Given that it costs from around $1,14,256 to $ 1million+ per week to charter a superyacht, YouCharter’s customer base amounts to only about 1% of the global population, meaning that all digital and marketing has to be laser-accurate and compelling to reach its targets.

Increased quality and actionable monthly enquiries from

zero to 10

which amounts to around $3.4 million per month in potential new business for YouCharter


increase in quality website traffic

A brand new website that attracts repeat business from that
golden 1% of the global population

If these are the kinds of results you’re looking for with your website and digital marketing, please get in touch so that we can help you significantly grow your business

The Challenge

If you’ll pardon the pun, YouCharter was marooned online, simply floating on Google and receiving zero enquiries for its outstanding offering.

The new owners of YouCharter had inherited a website that was underperforming because of the lack of ongoing content and SEO strategy.

YouCharter’s digital presence in general lacked clear calls to action, resulting in a lack of enquiries.

chetaru design an user engaged website for youcharter

Chetaru’s Solution

We used our full service Digital Solutions approach to make everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion, with a great new approach that’s now generating leads in great waves.


  • Developed a clear picture of YouCharter’s key target customers and and their behaviours through the creation of Personas
  • Used the Message House method to nail down the messaging that would really land with these customer types, and compel them to buy YouCharter’s services
  • Redesigned the website’s booking forms, making the customer journey far quicker
  • Created clear calls to action that made it easy for a very discerning market to make informed purchasing decisions
    Developed a powerful new SEO and multi-channel content strategies that enable us to reach the right customers at the right time in the right places
  • Continue to strive for utmost excellence by continually reviewing and enhancing the service we deliver for YouCharter (and our other clients!)

Brand Guidelines

colours used in youcharter website development
Youcharter logo
logo used in you charter website development
you charter brand guidlines to use logo in manufacturing website development
fonts guidlines for youcharter website development

Web Design & Development

YouCharter, a yacht booking website, sought a comprehensive redesign to enhance its user experience. To meet the client’s requirements, we focused on understanding the user’s needs and ensuring the smooth flow of the website while utilizing the existing database. Additionally, we designed intuitive forms to facilitate increased website inquiries. As part of the redesign process, we prioritized improving the usability of the UI design, ensuring that the final product aligned with the desired qualities.

For the backend implementation, we opted for a customized WordPress website design services. This decision allowed us to leverage the flexibility and functionality of WordPress while tailoring it to meet YouCharter’s specific needs. By incorporating professional SEO services, we further optimized the website’s performance. This included passing the core web vitals assessment, resulting in enhanced page speed optimization—a factor that greatly pleased the client.

Through the integration of these services, including custom WordPress design and professional SEO with white label link building, we successfully transformed YouCharter into a highly functional and visually appealing yacht booking website.

Technology, tools and resources used are:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3 / Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Minified code to optimize the loading of the site.
  • Customized WordPress.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • UX analysis

If these are the kinds of results you’re looking for with your website and digital marketing, please get in touch so that we can help you significantly grow your business

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