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About Tribe365® App

Tribe365® are dedicated to helping organisations build fantastic workplace cultures and High Performing Teams.

What were they looking for?

Tribe365® wanted an app that would play a vital role in its digitally-led High Performing Teams Programme by:

  • Tangibly measuring organisational culture 
  • Giving its clients’ employees the ability to anonymously give their employers honest, crucial and actionable daily feedback about the organisation’s culture

The app would work on the basis of anonymous users giving quick responses and answers to questions from their respective employers about:

  • how their day was going
  • how they were feeling
  • whether they felt they were performing at their best – and, if not, why they think that might be

The organisation would then use these crucial insights to implement improvements to the culture and working environment

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Measuring organisational culture and team performance on a constant basis hadn’t been achieved before, so the Tribe365® app would be a world-first!

Initially, the client envisioned a desktop solution, but we mutually agreed that it would work much better as an app offering unlimited ‘on the move’ mobile usage and a great user experience.

The app would have to facilitate real, honest employee feedback on organisational culture that would be entirely anonymous (thereby eliminating the possibility of the user being questioned or challenged by directors, managers or colleagues about their comments).

The key technical challenges would be around how to:

  • Shape the multiple questionnaires that data and insights would be pulled from
  • Make the app as user-friendly as possible in order to drive constant usage

Various formulae and weightings relating to each question would also be required to enable the automation of assessments and reports.

Users would also need to be able to anonymously give their colleagues ‘kudos’ for being good team members each day.

Our approach to the solution

Chetaru has a set process in place for approaching new systems and app concepts:

  • Process Flows Of Application

    Understanding Concept

    We link with our clients to build process flows around how everything fits together

  • Mobile Application Proposal

    Initial Systems Proposal

    We draft an initial module break down and how we feel the system will work. There is a schedule of costs, outputs and timelines

  • Application Developement

    Sign Off

    Client agrees to initial costings, timelines and outputs

  • First Delivery OF Mobile Application

    1st Delivery

    We develop initial plans and initiate controlled testing between Chetaru and the client to see what works and what doesn’t – and to make crucial alterations based on those findings. Most of the significant adjustments required are made at this stage in the process.

    Initial plans are great on paper, but we always need to be very responsive to the need for changes – after all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

  • Mobile Application Development Services

    2nd Delivery

    All updated functionality internally released for final internal and client testing – and we make tweaks where necessary to make sure that the end product is completely spot-on

  • Custom Mobile App Development

    1st Release

    All systems go! App goes live!

This is a set process, sure. And it works extremely well. You get to know what works (and what doesn’t) after building 50+ innovative and robust native apps built from scratch!

But that’s not to say that we’re ‘stick-in-the-muds’. You can’t be in this game. So, at Chetaru, we continually:

  • Learn new things
  • Introduce new improvements to our processes that further enhance our clients’ respective journeys and deliver the best possible experience and end outcomes.
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4 months

The time this project took until first release, from start to finish (full app design, build and release to the public)


client satisfaction rating!

The very first

app of its kind anywhere in the world

Mobile App Development UK

What the client said

“We now have industry-leading technology with integrated smartwatch functionality that completely sets us apart from the crowd. No competitor can touch us in terms of our digital capability. And we have Chetaru to thank for that, who are – and will continue to be – our highly valued and trusted digital partner”

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Did we deliver the app on budget?

You bet your sweet marjoram we did!

Project deliverables

  • Fully functional, state-of-the-art, first of its kind robust native app
  • Smooth and successful launch on Google and Apple stores
  • A control console that would allow the client to manage users and user groups, performance data, reports and questionnaire and system configuration
  • User tutorial videos and guides
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