Case Study Tempsens

About Tempsens

Tempsens Instruments is one of the world’s largest solution providers of thermal and cable products, with manufacturing facilities in India, Germany, and Indonesia.

Organic traffic increased from

800 to 8,000 per month

Website visits increased from

3,500 to 22,000 per month

Quality leads increased from

350 to 905 per month

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The Challenge

The client had a poorly performing existing website with a very localized feel that didn’t properly reflect the international nature of the business or its markets, nor the extensive range of products it could now offer.

Organic traffic was low, meaning that Temspsens had to rely on expensive 3rd party listings which gave a poor return on investment. Leads were therefore minimal, and difficult to convert.

How could Tempsens generate considerably more quality traffic and leads without spending a fortune on unreliable paid advertising?

Tempsens also wanted to build eCommerce capabilities into any new website.

tempsens after website development from chetaru

Chetaru’s Solution

Chetaru’s solution was to use the magento web design to build an outstanding international and multilingual SEO-optimized website with eCommerce capabilities that would:

  • Reflect the international nature and reach of the Tempsens brand
  • Significantly increase organic visits, quality leads and conversions
  • Greatly reduce Tempsens’s reliance on 3rd party B2B listings, thereby reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the sales process

After an initial push on highly targeted PPC, Chetaru also embarked on a strategic six-month digital marketing campaign focused on sustainable SEO.


tempsens before website development from chetaru


tempsens after website development from chetaru


tempsens traffic before manufacturing seo by chetaru


tempsens traffic after manufacturing seo by chetaru

Web Design & Development

Tempsens is a company that designs and manufactures temperature sensors. The company wanted to update its website to appeal to a wider international audience and to better reflect the range of products it offers. Additionally, Tempsens wanted to build eCommerce capabilities into the new website. To achieve these goals, Tempsens took our help. The website we designed is responsive and easy to navigate.

The site is fully integrated with eCommerce, making it easy for customers to purchase products from Tempsens. Importantly, the site is also optimized for search engines, which has helped increase organic traffic and leads.

Technology, tools and resources used are:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3 / Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Minified code to optimize the loading of the site.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • UX analysis



Chetaru, a digital marketing agency, helped Tempsens increase its organic traffic. Over the SEO services, Chetaru implemented a number of strategies to improve Tempsens’ ranking in search engines. These included optimizing the website for key search terms, improving the quality of the content, and building links from high-quality websites. As a result of Chetaru’s efforts, Tempsens’ organic traffic increased significantly.


Google Analytics and Reports

Chetaru used Google Analytics to help Tempsens understand their website traffic. With this data, they were able to see which pages were being accessed the most and where users were coming from. This helped them to improve their website and make it more user-friendly. Additionally, Chetaru created reports that showed how Tempsens’ website was performing. This allowed them to see where they needed to make changes and improve their overall online presence.

tempsens traffic after doing manufacturing seo

If these are the kinds of results you’re looking for with your website and digital marketing, please get in touch so that we can help you significantly grow your business

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