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The Brief

How Chetaru digitised Tees Valley Pressed Fruit’s concept, within set boundaries.

Delivering (literally if you’d like) all of your fruit pressing needs, Tees Valley Pressed Fruit collect your harvest, juice it, and deliver it to your door. Either this, or they will hire you the equipment to do it yourself. They can even train you in the ways of fruit pressing. A simple solution to maximise the fruits of your land and minimise waste of your valuable produce. The company behind Tees Valley Pressed Fruit also specialise in traditional fresh flowers (Manor Garden), a branch of the business scattering your special day in rich colour and texture.

With a website already existing for Manor Gardens, the company behind Tees Valley Pressed Fruit needed a website for their pressed fruit service.

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The challenge: to create a new website which retained the same look and feel of their existing flowers website, to ensure consistency of branding.

The solution: with this problem identified, Tees Valley Pressed Fruit chose Chetaru as their digital partner.

The process:

Design. Chetaru designed a new WordPress website for the pressed fruit part of the business. We were able to create a site that closely matched the look and feel of the existing fresh flower site, achieved by careful selection of fonts and themes throughout.

An effectively functioning site. Chetaru used cutting-edge technologies such as WooCommerce and Gravity Forms to capture leads and online payments effectively.

Like Tees Valley Pressed Fruit, Chetaru will help you digitise your great concepts, within any boundaries you require.

WooCommerce Development
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