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About Proplenish

How Chetaru digitized Proplenish Pty Ltd, within set boundaries.

ProPlenish is Australia’s leading Marine Collagen Supplement, a product which combats the signs of aging.

When we started working with ProPlenish, they had a beautiful website and they were making online sales via PayPal and eWay, however the subscription based sales weren’t working well as the existing system was not handling failed subscription payments, and money was being lost.

ProPlenish were looking for a solution to manage their subscription-based customers perfectly and stop that loop hole.


Find out how we helped revolutionary Australian beauty brand ProPlenish boost their sales subscriptions

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Chetaru’s Solution

We suggested a full shift to WordPress as the current site wasn’t as responsive as it should be to meet current customer expectations, in addition we highlighted the benefits of WooCommerce which would negate the payment issues, WooCommerce Subscriptions makes it easy to create and manage products with recurring payments.

Above and Beyond

We have provided custom WordPress website design services for their website using a WooCommerce subscription plugin, enabling efficient management of customer subscriptions. The new website successfully addressed all the challenges they had previously encountered. To enhance its functionality, we integrated the Ultimate Woo plugin, introducing innovative features like the ability to add rewards for customers and create follow-up emails. Moreover, this plugin offered additional benefits, such as customizing starting order numbers to match the old website and creating intelligent coupons and store credits.

chetaru provide complete digital solution for proplenish

Web Design & Development

Proplenish is an online retailer that specializes in selling eco-friendly and sustainable products. The company approached us to design and develop a website that would showcase their products in the best possible light. We used high-resolution images and an eye-catching layout to bring their vision to life. We created for website growth.

In addition to creating a visually stunning website, we recognized the importance of optimizing the site for search engines to make sure maximum visibility and reach. To achieve this, we provided professional SEO services to improve the website’s organic search rankings and drive targeted traffic.

The real challenge came when we had to meet the Core Web Vitals criteria set by Google while implementing our professional SEO strategies. However, we were determined to overcome this challenge and deliver outstanding results for our client. We meticulously optimized the website’s loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience to align with the Core Web Vitals requirements without compromising our SEO efforts.

Technology, tools and resources used are:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3 / Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Minified code to optimize the loading of the site.
  • Customized WordPress
  • SSL Certificate.
  • UX analysis

If these are the kinds of results you’re looking for with your website and digital marketing, please get in touch so that we can help you significantly grow your business

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