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About FreshersApp

FreshersApp is the anonymous photo-sharing app for freshers starting at their new university!

The app provides new students with a wealth of hugely useful information and recommendations about places to visit, drink, eat and shop from other FreshersApp users in the local area. Every post you see on FreshersApp is from a user in your area. That means more relevant content, and more relatable people.

FreshersApp is unlike any other social media app. Everyone on FreshersApp is anonymous – nobody knows who you are, nobody knows what you’re posting and nobody knows how many likes you have.

The FreshersApp feed is made up of posts from nearby users. Users are grouped into locales, so you’re never more than 10 miles from the users on your feed. Each post remains on the feed for 24 hours before disappearing.

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The challenge

The biggest challenge we faced while developing the FreshersApp was the one that has severely impacted pretty much everyone: COVID-19.

But there was extra pressure on the client – and therefore on Chetaru – to quickly take advantage of the opportunity to keep students occupied and entertained while they were stuck in their rooms during lockdown.

And that would mean having to rethink and redesign the user experience, as user needs would be very different under these new and ever-changing circumstances.

With the COVID-19 situation being constantly under review, that meant that the client and Chetaru had to be extremely flexible and agile in order to continually delight the user. This is a challenge that both the client and Chetaru more than rose to, producing excellent results.

An additional and fairly unique challenge to overcome was to satisfy the client’s request that the feed displayed the oldest posts first; the logic being that the user would have to scroll across to find the most recent updates. Although this goes against standard practice, we delivered a solution to the client’s complete satisfaction.

In line with our belief in always going above and beyond our clients’ expectations, we also built a bespoke and highly user-friendly CMS (content management system) that would allow the client to easily maintain the app and keep it performing to the highest levels at all times.

What were the results of this work?

The overall result is that we have a very happy client that has been ‘blown away’ (their words, not ours!) by the app user experience and its functionality – not to mention the added bonus of the user-friendly back-end admin system we built for them.

What was also highly satisfying was the fact that we were able to provide the client (who had no previous app-building experience to call upon) with such a smooth journey, from rough idea to an excellent end product – navigating the unprecedented challenges thrown up by coronavirus-induced lockdown along the way.

All this has led to the kind of strong bond we like to form with our clients, and we look forward to helping them continue their journey.

What did Chetaru deliver?

A best-in-class app offering a fantastic user experience

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Robust native solutions for Apple and Android users

A user-friendly CMS that empowers the client to maintain the app and its performance with ease

Successful implementation of a solution to the client’s unusual feed display request

A fantastic client journey, smoothly traversing the obstacles COVID-19 threw in our way that has led to a strong, ongoing relationship

The Chetaru approach

This is the tried-and-trusted approach Chetaru takes with all clients – and, as expected, it has proved incredibly fruitful during our ongoing relationship with Vigor Doors.

  • Client Onboarding – we begin to understand who you are and what work will be needed
  • Foundation – we understand who you are
  • Planning – we lay what’s needed to deliver your activity
  • Implementation – we are your digital department
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