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Disappointed with a website and SEO campaign delivered by another agency, Ed Grunfeld of You Charter Direct was cynical about approaching someone else

Ed Grunfeld of You Charter Direct used a digital agency to create a website and SEO. After spending thousands of dollars on this expensive investment, the resulting site was poorly designed and not generating any leads. As such, when Chetaru approached him to turn things around, Ed was reluctant. However, he eventually agreed, and the results were staggering.

Client: You Charter Direct

Category: Digital Marketing

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You Charter Direct. Taking the hassle of choosing a yacht from our clients

You Charter Direct is a revolutionary new style of brokerage. It provides an on-line service which aims to reduce the number of intermediaries between the charterer and the yacht. Allowing the client to have the best holiday possible.

You Charter Direct was formed from the direct communication which occurs throughout the entire booking and onboarding process. Our staff are highly experienced, having worked in the industry for over 10 years. And thus, know what information is important. Ultimately, we want to provide a clean, simple and uncluttered direct service.

Chetearu You Charter

Our team will work with you to choose the best yacht to suit your exact requirements. Once you have discovered this and have signed your charter contract, you have secured the vessel for the dates specified. However, you can continue to fine tune your requirements until your charter begins.

We use the existing communication and booking channels to fully suit the needs of the charterer rather than the broker. We are always able to provide a good range of vessels and we take care of the owner’s interests, booking and financial stewardship.

An existing website and SEO package was not only expensive but also not generating enough leads

You Charter Direct paid thousands of dollars for their existing website and SEO campaign. With very little to show for it and no leads whatsoever. Furthermore, the site looked un-appealing and did not work correctly on mobile devices.

You Charter Web Designing

Chetaru offered the DM500 package which quickly generated leads, amongst other benefits

Ed, of You Charter Direct was cautious about using another agency to develop a website and SEO campaign due to the performance of the existing experience. However, when Chetaru contacted him proposing a flexible payment package and results based payment structure, he decided to give it a try.

Needless to say, that the results were exceptional. Within 6 months, 6 strong leads were generated through the site, helped by the increased rankings of keywords throughout the site. You Charter Direct now rank better than many similar organisations that are more resource intensive. And additionally, have a website that is both visually appealing and mobile friendly.

Seo Chetaru

Who would Ed Grunfeld recommend to anyone struggling with poor SEO performance and web design?

Chetaru found us when we had lost a lot of momentum and keenness to be online. We ranked fairly well for some keywords but our site was pretty awful. Chetaru managed to convert our site to something that is visually appealing, works on mobiles and ultimately does the job. The team worked well to pick up the slight loss in web ranking and now we outrank and outperform a lot of organisations with a lot more resources than we have. Chetaru really have been a powerful addition to what we do.” Ed Grunfeld, You Charter Direct

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