Prime Aspect Windows

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The Brief

Prime Aspect Windows were looking to grow their online business and approached Chetaru, as they had heard we were able to offer a full spectrum of digital services at competitive prices and increase traffic to their site.

Client: Prime Aspect Windows

Category: Digital Marketing

What we did:

Prime Aspect Windows purchased the Digital Marketing Growth 400 service with a primary goal of increasing traffic to their site. Digital Marketing Growth incorporates Social 200, SEO 200 and Blog 150.

Social Media 200 provides Prime Aspect with daily customised and industry specific activity across all the social media across all the platforms of choice (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+). It is essential to do this to create a footprint on the social media spectrum increasing audience awareness around Prime Aspect windows services and building greater traction with search engines. The Prime Aspect personality is translated to the social media accounts developing a consistent message to the prospective clients.

SEO 200 is the bread and butter to getting any traction for a website online, and to make sure there Prime Aspect Windows appears as high as possible in search engine ranking there is constant activity, this combined with the Social Media 200 makes for faster gains on Search Engines.

Blog 150 means that Chetaru is producing weekly blogs for Prime Aspect Windows with the aim of increasing the performance of keywords which may have higher levels of competition within the industry Prime Aspect Windows operates in.

Digital Marketing Agency Chetaru


Over a 4 month period there was a 42% increase in visitors to the website.

Digital Marketing Service by Chetaru