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The North East branch of APM was experiencing a lack of followers on their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

APM had set up accounts for Twitter and LinkedIn but were struggling to increase followers on both accounts. Resultantly, they decided to work alongside the social media team to attempt to turn things around. And the results were impressive.

Client: APM North East

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Association of Project Management – The chartered body for the project profession

The Association of Project Management is the chartered body for the project profession that aims to develop and promote project and programme management. APM is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe, having over 27,000 individual members and the involvement of over 500 organisations as part of the corporate partnership programme.

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The ethos of APM is to “create a world where all projects succeed” and to promote project management as “a life skill for all”. APM also aims to “inspire communities to deliver meaningful change for the benefit of society, to advance the fields of the art, science, theory and practice of project management”.

APM members can take advantage of local branches which offer a range of opportunities such as networking, events, and learning about the latest developments in project, programme and portfolio management. As well as opportunities for continued professional development.

The North East branch covers Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Teesside.

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Lack of followers, impressions and mentions just some of the problems experienced by APM

APM started off with a Twitter and LinkedIn account. Both of which suffered from a lack of followers, impressions and mentions. APM knew at this point that they required the services of an experienced social media team and digital agency to begin turning things around.

Social Media for Business Professionals

APM began working with the social media team and things began to change rapidly

Once APM started to work with the Social Media team at Chetaru, things began to improve at an impressive rate. The APM Twitter account increased in followers by 372 from 0 at the start. Making it one of the most followed APM accounts available.

Moreover, the number of followers, mentions and impressions is only increasing even more week by week.

A similar situation occurred with the APM LinkedIn account as well. From having no followers whatsoever only a couple of months ago, the account now has 28 followers. And now also enjoys a decent level of engagement.

Effective SM Strategy


“Before we began working with Chetaru, we were struggling to gain followers on Linkedin and Twitter. Once Chetaru got involved, followers increased on both accounts, particularly for Twitter which gained 372 followers from previously no followers whatsoever. Impressions and mentions on both accounts have also risen significantly thanks to working with the Social Media team at Chetaru.”

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