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The Brief

Accurate Systems Labelling Ltd choose Chetaru to develop a brand new e-commerce site
Barry Soanes is Company Director at Accurate Systems Labelling. His existing site was outdated and had not been maintained for a number of years. Considering a re-design, he began approaching web agencies in the local area and decided to choose Chetaru to develop his new website thanks to their professional approach and affordability.

Client: Accurate Systems Labelling Ltd

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Accurate Systems Labelling Ltd – Providing the best service for our clients

Accurate Systems Labelling (ASL) provide a range of labels and labelling equipment for a range of businesses. We build trust with local businesses whilst being competitively priced. We also deliver across Europe.

We believe that we provide the best service to our clients. We are proud of our North East roots. However, our aim is to be a worldwide business, providing labelling solutions to customers around the globe. Resultantly, we would like to work with supply chains in order to achieve worldwide coverage.

Our team are proud of what they do. And most of our products are manufactured right here in the UK. We only work with a range of top brands who provide a range of products. We are also proud to work with local businesses. These include Ingenious Darlington and British Forces Discount.

Accurate Systems Labelling Ltd

Our philosophy is that ‘a label is not a label’. We mean this in the sense that there are so many different specifications and types of labelling products out there. We believe that we can offer customers outstanding choice. This ultimately means they have the best solution for their needs.

ASL Labels were in a difficult situation as their previous site had crashed and was un-operable

ASL Labels had a previous site which had crashed and was not operational. Resultantly, customers were unable to submit orders through it.

What would Barry, Company Director of Advanced Systems Labelling, say to anyone thinking about developing a new website?

Chetaru have been able to provide a good service. Their staff have acted in a friendly, helpful and professional manner at all times. Throughout the development of the new site, they have fully understood our needs, and this is reflected in the final product.

Chetaru uploaded an emergency site whilst developing a brand new e-commerce website

Chetaru were able to upload an emergency site so that a basic level of information could be provided to customers. In the meantime, Chetaru were able to design a brand-new site and transfer the domain and e-mail address. Barry explains that he chose Chetaru as the previous company were charging too much.

eCommerce Website design services

ASL Labels provide both label related services and products as part of it’s offering


  • Installation & Training
  • Field Service Contracts
  • Project Management
  • Spare Parts
  • Workshop Repairs


  • Hand Labellers
  • Patient ID Wristbands
  • Ribbons
  • Supplies
  • Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Retail products

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