Fundraisers, non-profiteers and non-government organisations are supposed to spend money as wisely as possible. They never like to waste their funding on the things which are not efficient as they do not earn anything for self-profit. For this reason, WordPress is considered the most suitable and robust CMS for the non-profitable websites. Let’s see how WordPress is fulfilling the requirements of non-profit agencies:

Free and open source software:

To design and develop any website, WordPress provides open-source and free code. The open-source code permits the free of cost software and extensive customization that leaves you with the cost of development. That’s the reason why WordPress is the first choice of web design agencies.

NGO- centric themes:

WordPress consists of various themes and plugins. It has a variety of free NGO-centric themes for deployment for a WordPress website. Some of them are Social Organization, Danko and Charities Lite. With these free options, there are other paid, and feature-rich options like Charity WP are available.

Free Events Calendar Pro plugin:

The non-profit organisations always organises fundraising events, conferences, workshops, etc. By using the events calendar pro module, an NGO can show an event calendar on their websites, collect and sell tickets, manage attendees and also import events from their social media pages. All these features are available for free, for a registered non-profit. Along with these, event calendars have a free plugin that is Event Calendar Newsletter plugin that helps with emailing to interested parties.

Free form plugins:

Forms are a necessity for NGO websites. WordPress provides free form plugins for volunteer sign-ups and accepting donor information. Also, forms such as Ninja and Contact Form 7 are available that permit you to create customised forms.

Free donation plugins:

WordPress has a huge library of free plugins that allows not-for-profit organisations to accept donations. Many popular and highly rated plugins are available that comes with a host of features like custom and multi-level donations, the capability to send customised emails and so on. For all these facilities, the plugin does not charge any commission price on a donation.

Other free plugins:

Like other websites, non-profit sites also need a host of common functionalities like Search Engine Optimisation, performance optimisation and security. Many of the plugins offer these functions free of cost.

If you want to use WordPress for developing a website for your non-profit organisation, Get in touch with us!

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