So you’ve chosen to build a website: maybe it’s to sell your products, generate awareness or establish your existing brand on the Internet. Either way, most modern websites use Content Management Systems, or CMS to maintain and improve their sites and offer unique functionality, such as Ecommerce transactions, search functions or live chat.

There are numerous reasons for this: it reduces your dependency on an in-house or third party website developer to maintain your website, since without CMS programs, making simple edits to your website requires competency in programming websites, something most people don’t have. It also allows you or your employees to work on the websites, with permissions set to stop vandalism or unauthorised changes.

Some CMSes allow you to set up website features, with one of the most important being Ecommerce. There are a lot of Ecommerce CMSes lurking around on the internet, since a decent programmer can make their own rather quickly. However, after perusing some of the better ones, Magento stands out from the crowd, due to it simply being more reliable and well-established than the rest.

Initially programmed by developers Varien Inc. in 2008 using PHP, Magento quickly generated attention and was adopted by eBay, with iterative improvements to its feature set until 2015, when the whole service was redesigned for user-friendliness and better performance on modern computers. Today, Magento sees use by a variety of Ecommerce websites such as clothing brands Adidas, Nordstrom and North Face, among others.

Magento is in a competitive market when it comes to Ecommerce-capable CRMs, and it certainly has a reputation for being unwieldy, perhaps undeserved after the 2.0 redesign, but the fact remains that Magento is stable, reliable and powerful software that sees use around the world. It’s also open-source software, which means enterprising developers can create their own versions of Magento and pass them on, provided they follow copyright laws.

Whether you’re a huge retailer with a brick-and-mortar presence or a start-up selling your own hand crafted goods, Magento is a godsend for enterprises both large and small looking to set up their stores online. Chetaru is an web design, development and SEO agency based in Darlington that is excited about building a better future with the latest technological and IT solutions available. Chetaru has the IT know-how that your firm needs to succeed and thrive, from beautiful responsive websites to economical SEO campaigns and useful mobile app designs.

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