When you finally get your hands on a fully functional website, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there’s no point keeping some developers around: surely, in today’s age of WordPress web development, that adding pages and blogs doesn’t require much technical knowledge. That might be true, but eventually your website will find itself quickly becoming obsolescent.

As times change, your state of the art website quickly begins to look as out-of-place as a horse-drawn cart at a Formula 1 race. Your plugins become out of date, your website security breaks and opens your website up to hacking, your content falls behind in details and eventually your website will be a dangerous, ugly, unreliable site held together with duct tape. If that doesn’t happen, it’s entirely likely that your servers will go down and an up-to-date backup is nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, anyone with a bit of know-how can get all of this fixed. Plugins no longer supported or trusted by browsers can be replaced or updated, visual re-hauls can give the website a new look that can attract visitors, broken or dead links can be fixed easily. But a more pressing concern is updating the website with new content, which requires more than technical competence.

Content production isn’t easy and can have wildly varying results, with some companies managing to produce content that appeals to people outside of their target demographic and others that pump out a blog or two that gets ignored by the wider world. Either way, relevant content that comes out in a timely fashion is a good way to raise your search ranking, which in turn raises awareness and can develop further from there as your audience and your online presence grows.

In the end, website maintenance is essential if you want to use it for anything besides passively generating brand awareness (probably negative if it’s a bad website). If you’re willing to part with the cash, website developers can keep your site up to date, protect it from hackers and allow you to use the website to its fullest potential.

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