Should Your Company Have a Web App?

04 December 2018

The meteoric rise of the phone app has changed how we do everything. Remember when we had to carry around a phone, an MP3 player, a camera, or keep a alarm clock in your room? Your phone can do a decent job at all of these things now. In the same way, web design is starting to build on the popularity of mobile apps, the end product being called a web app.

What is a Web App?

They’re essentially just websites with added features, not unlike a phone app. The preferred term for web developers is a Progressive Web App. They’re web applications with progressive enhancement to implement features like caching, background sync, and push notifications, all normal features for a mobile app but not for a traditionally-designed site.

web apps

What Are The Advantages of a Web App?

It may seem like a hassle to move your website over into this system, but there are a lot of advantages to consider:

  • Improved stability, due to needing only one stack (usually HTML, CSS and JS)
  • Doesn’t require an App Store submission, unlike mobile apps
  • Highly flexible and works on popular desktop and mobile browsers like Firefox and Chrome
  • Higher engagement with users, through Push Notifications
  • Added functionality, such as offline working, background sync and real-time updates.

Who Currently Uses Web Apps?

Here’s a short list of websites and publications using Web Apps. Some sites you might use on the regular, such as Twitter, Forbes, Starbucks, Washington Post, Financial Times and many others also mainly use a Web App to function properly. Whether in the background or as part and parcel of the experience, web apps are becoming an important part of web design.

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are: business-to-business, customer-focused or just providing a useful web service like image editing or spell checking: a web app can be a game-changer for your site. But you need a strong team of app developers that can translate your ideas into reality. Chetaru can build a Web App for your company.

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