24 April 2018

How to Run a Business Twitter Account

When you first start using Twitter in a business role, you might be struggling to find out what makes it work for other businesses. To start with, it’s an intensely competitive field, and one that doesn’t necessarily focus on...

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17 April 2018

How to Optimise Mobile Websites

When it comes to what the end user wants from a website, they want to use a fast, responsive and feature-rich website that runs well on their device. While this is more than doable on a desktop environment ,the...

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10 April 2018

Essential Steps for Building an Ecommerce Website

We’ve all used ecommerce sites before. In comparison to brick and mortar stores, ecommerce sites offer great convenience and a better browsing experience, as well as selling products you might not be able to find on the shelves due...

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03 April 2018

Essential Team Collaboration Software For Web Developers

When you’re dealing with project management within a large team, the main things that’ll hold you back are communication difficulties and inefficiency. Nearly every project that’s ever been worked on has had several pointless work hours added because some...

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27 March 2018

Are There Any Real Alternatives To Google Search?

Pretty much everyone who’s switched on a computer or smartphone has had to use Google at some point. Back when Google launched in 1998, the nascent Search Engine business was a lot more competitive and diverse. Google wasn’t even...

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20 March 2018

How to Maintain your Website

When you finally get your hands on a fully functional website, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there’s no point keeping some developers around: surely, in today’s age of WordPress web development, that adding new pages, updating content...

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13 March 2018

The Basic Rules for User Experience Design

Website design principles have varied since their beginnings in the early 90s. If you ever end up on a website that looks like it’s from that era, you’ll notice some interesting choices that don’t normally appear on modern websites:...

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06 March 2018

Using Push Notifications Effectively

If you’ve ever had a smartphone in your hand, you probably get notifications from the apps you have installed. These notifications can range from company announcements sent to every app user to one discount given to a single app...

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27 February 2018

Advertising and Web Design

Among the many means of promoting products and services online, online advertising has been omnipresent throughout the internet’s history. Nearly every popular site uses advertising as its main business model and revenue stream, and is becoming a popular way...

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