04 September 2018

What an Algorithm Can and Can’t Do

It’s become a cliche in technology fields: if you have a problem, make an algorithm for it. For some organisations with an uncountable number of individuals that need to be accommodated, an algorithm can be the only solution: government...

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28 August 2018

How Mobile-Friendly Web Design Changes Your Search Ranking

It should go without saying that many people are moving from desktop devices to mobile in droves. While there will always be a place for desktops and traditional computers, most people are using mobile devices for everyday tasks like...

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21 August 2018

E-commerce and Website Security

It should go without saying that E-commerce sites need top-notch security. You’re handling people’s financial information and transactions, which if stolen can cause serious harm to your customers and stain your company’s reputation, alongside potentially ruinous legal cases. While...

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14 August 2018

What Industries Benefit The Most From Apps?

Apps are starting to take the place of mobile web search as the best way to market your services to potential customers and clients. However, some industries have trouble developing an app that provides the kind of features that...

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07 August 2018

Tech Trailblazers – The Apple Newton

One of most fascinating things about technology is discovering ideas, rare in their time, that eventually made it into every device we use nowadays. Things like computer mice, touchscreens, wireless communication and portability: we take them for granted now,...

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31 July 2018

What’s The Future of the Mobile App Industry?

It’s probably fair to argue that the mobile app industry is more like a 19th-century gold rush than a sustainable market. App developers are setting up shop around the world to capitalise on the highly-profitable nature of hybrid monetisation...

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24 July 2018

5 Social Media Platforms That Your Business Needs in 2018

Social media is the lifeblood of businesses today, and getting it right is essential to getting people’s eyes on your products. A strong social media plan can propel tiny start-ups to global prominence, simply by hitting a note with...

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17 July 2018

The Consequences of New Work Technology

Technology can be, and usually is, a wonderful thing. It has allowed to progress from cavemen subsisting on forage and hunting to living in a world where crops from halfway across the world show up at our doorstep, but...

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10 July 2018

5 Powerful SEO Strategies You Can Use

It seems that SEO techniques are constantly adapting and evolving to meet the latest standards implemented by search engines, particularly Google. What got your website on the first page of results may be useless now, as Google implements new...

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